Thursday, December 29, 2011

Off The Hook Radio Dec. 28 2011

Our top 25 tracks of 2011;

25. The Truth - Showbiz & KRS ONE
24. Make Some Noise - Beastie Boys
23. Oxygen - Woodman
22. Laced Cheeba - Wu-Tang & Sean P
21. Def Jammable - Redman
20. Detroit State of Mind Elzhi
19. Once More We Survive - Annakyn Slayd & Inspektah Deck
18. Worldwide Choppers - Tech Nine
17. Learn - Kid Daytona
16. Let's Go - Travis Barker
15. Put Some Money On It - Slaughterhouse
14. Something - Big Krit
13. Nunca Cumbiares - Los Cuazes
12. Path Of Destruction - Penzo & Verbal
11. Waiting on You - Full Course
10. Check To Check - Apathy
09. Mook Life - Ceas Rock
08. Trouble On My Mind - Pusha T
07. I'm On Everything - Royce 5'9 & Eminem
06. Lights Go On - OG Hindu Kush
05. Double 07 - Curren$y & Alchemist
04. Funny How - Borden 100
03. Second Place - Royce 5'9
02. Breeze - D-Shade
01. Shiraz - Action Bronson

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Off The Hook Radio Dec.22 2011

We had CL and BK in Studio, representing Murderface & Artcons respectively, G.I.G.A.N.T.E. conjointly.

Let The Jingle Bells Rock - Sweet Tee
Dead Man's Shoes - Mobb Deep
A.D.H.D. - Kendrick Lamar
The Main Event - J57 ft. Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino & Rasheed Chappell
Payday 2 - JD Era
Watch The Sky Fall - Koncept
Fresh From The Mall - Bronze Nazareth
Aquafina - Borden 100
Celebration Bitches - Murderface
Word Is Born - Artcons
That Raw - Torae
Can You Dig It - Underground Realroad ft. Holly Dish
Show & A - Showbiz & AG
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour

At the end of the show Borden, Justice, 80 Rock, Loe Pesci and Nick Fury roll through. Check the uStream to see what went down in studio.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Off The Hook Dec. 15

We did our 3rd Ustream broadcast this week, keep the audio on and when you hear some action, check the video feed to see what's going on in the studio.

Brooklyn Zoo - Old Dirty Bastard
Need Some Bad - Slick Rick
The Main Event - J57 ft. Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino & Rasheed Chappell
Coming Of Age - Jay-Z
Aquafina - Borden
Dump Truck - Gangrene
Epic - Theo3
Path Of Destruction - Penzo & Verbal
Check To Check - Apathy
Open - Ceas Rock
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Skratch Bastid & Sneaker Freaker present The Starter Era - Dope Raps 1989-1993
Skratch Bastid & Sneaker Freaker present The Starter Era - Dope Raps 1989-1993 by Skratch Bastid

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Off The Hook Radio - Dec.8 2011

We are in our second week of trying a Ustream broadcast, bringing a visual element to the radio.

Mystery of Chessboxing -GZA
Rigamortis - Kendrick Lamar


Mooklife - Ceas Rock
Aquafina - Borden
Cirque de Soleil - Action Bronson
Maniac Murderers - Roc C


Can You Dig It - Underground Realroad ft. Holly Dish
Epic - Theo 3
Fresh From The Morgue
Get Yours - Bronze Nazareth
Baby - Black Gloves
Show & A - Showbiz & AG

Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour

Target Practice - Jedi Mind Tricks
Snow - Rock Marciano
Nunca Cambiares - Los Cuazes

Scott C's set;

Jean Grae - Casebaskets
Redman - Gilla House Check
Exile - Klepto
Prince Po ft Raekwon - Bump Bump
Quelle - Blue Mondays
Supreme Team - Interview
Suff Daddy - LottaHydro
Quelle - Special Ingredient
Finale - The Senator
Freeway & Jake One - She Makes Me Feel Alright
Kendrick Lamar - Poe Mans Dreams

Thursday, December 01, 2011

off the hook radio dec.1 2011

We tried ustreaming the show, we're still working it out.

All For One - Brand Nubian
Aquafina - Borden 100
White Silk - Action Bronson
Can You Dig It? -Underground Realroad ft. Holly Dish
Payday - Gangrene & Prodigy
Waitin' On You - Full Course

DJ Brace spun us out this week, check his site;

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Off The Hook radio Nov.24 2011

Here's a link to the article about Kahnawake on Mook Life featuring our own Budda Blaze.

Flavor of the Month - Black Sheep
Can You Dig It? -Underground Realroad ft. Holly Dish
White Silk - Action Bronson
B.A.P. - Bumpy Knuckles and DJ Premier
Pay Day 2 - JD Era ft. Raekwon
Get Like Me - Pat G
Maniac Murders - Roc C
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
DJ Manzo's Ghostface Killah mix;

Here's the video for the song we opened last week's show with, it was Advanced Chemistry with Fremd Im Eigenen Land, it was the first big German hip-hop song with rapping in German, the beat is nice. The song is about non-white Germans being questioned about and having to prove that they are indeed German, the title in english is 'Strangers In Their Own Country'.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Off The Hook Radio - Nov.17 2011

Here in Montreal we recently had a great loss in the hip-hop community, if you're in town you know, if you're out of town, here's what went down; story here

Fremd Im Eigenan Land - Advanced Chemistry
Sam Jack - Statik Selektah + VA
This Is For - Borden & Justice
Nunca Cambiares - Los Cuazes
World We're In - D-Shade
Muslim Wedding - Action Bronson
Expensive Trips - 9th Uno
Path of Destruction - Verbal & Penzo Gritty
Take Drugs - Gang Grene
You Can Tell I'm High - Markings & Jus Frais
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Waitin' On You - Full Course
DJ Overflow set,
Dream Warriors- My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style (Overflow Hip Hop Blend Mix)
Black Star ft. Black Thought- Respiration (Flying High Pete Rock Remix)
D-Shade- Do The Math
De La Soul- Isoweezee (HOT)
Underground RealRoad ft. Holly Dish- Can You Dig It?
MF Doom- Doomsday
Brand Nubian- Slow Down
Action Bronson- The Madness
The Herbaliser ft. What What- Mission Improbable
Abstract Rude ft. Hieroglyphics- 100 000 Indi
Shad- Out Of Love
Slum Village- Players
check it here;
30 min radio Hip Hop mix Nov. 2011 by DJ Overflow

Matt Dutch Garner tribute video

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Off The Hook Radio - Nov.10 2011

Don't Curse - Heavy D
Muslim Wedding - Action Bronson
Nunca Cambiare - Los Cuazes
Mighty Healthy - Ghostface Killah
Waiting On You - Full Course
C'Mon Son - Northern Lights
Funny How - Borden
Trouble On My Mind - Pusha T
Baby - Black Gloves
This Music - Mr.Bits
You Can't See What I Can't See - Heavy D
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour

Budda Blaze's Blackstar set
BlackStar MIX - DJ BuddaBlaze by DJ BuddaBlaze

Action Bronson In Montreal Montage

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Off The Hook Radio Nov.3rd 2011

Here are some pics from Flow's recent trip, these are from Brussels and Cologne;
block wall

Cosmic Slop - Keith Murray
Clepto - Exile
Go Off - Ceas Rock
Respiration - Blackstar
That Raw - Torae
Waitin' On You - Full Course
World We're In - D-Shade
This Is For - Borden & Justice
Bad Man's World - Magnum
Once More We Survive - Annakyn Slayd & Inspektah Deck
BBS - Curren$y & Alchemist
Good Old Love - Masta Ace
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Budda Blaze's Action Bronson mix, listen to that ish here!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Off The Hook LIVE!

October 27, 2011

C.R.E.A.M - Wu Tang
Waitin on You - Full Course

First talk with the hostses

Path of Destruction - Penzo Gritty + Verbal
Population Control - Statik Selektah
This is For... - Borden + Justice
Once More We Survive - Annakin + Inspectah Deck
Beautiful Music - Action Bronson

Interlude with Your fave Hosts
Chatted with Mnjivr from CJLO - Phantastiq Cypha

Oxygen - Woodman
So O.G. - DeeShade
You - Evidence

Freestles Rap Hour Toungtwista Hour

Mook-Life - Ceas Rock
Meteor Hammer - Wu tang F Action Bronson
Atypical - Skyzoo

*1) The East Flatbush Project - Tried by `12

*2)Darkglory ft. Sonic Jay- Understanding
3)The Roots- Distortion to Static (Black Thought Mix)
4)Masta Ace- Acknowledge
5)Quasimoto- Microphone Mathemetics
6)Camp Lo- Swing
**7)The Narcicyst- Why
8)Gift of Gab- Way of the Light
9)The Pharcyde- Hey You!!
10)The Herbaliser ft. Blade- Mind in the Frame
11)Gang Starr- Take It Personal
*12) Shad- I Get Down
**13)Clarify- Penny For My Thought
*14) Classified- Step It up
15) DJ Shadow ft. Posdnuos & Talib Kweli- Stay The Course
**16)Underground Realroad ft. DJ Overflow- Homegrown
**17)Bad News Brown- Born To Sin (Overflow Beat Mix)

**Montreal Artist
*Canadian Artist

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Off The Chainlinks - October 19/20, 2011

October 19/20, 2011

Take it Easy - Mad Lion
Expensive Trips - DJ Shaman

Talkin and stuff wit Rev 'n Budda

Ugly You - Narscizzle
Once more we were you - Anakin + Inspectah Deck
Mook Life - Ceas Rock
Get That - Dee Shade feat. Meryam Saci

Talkin with Dee Shade and Max Cruz

Theater of Dreams - Max Cruz
Chyihi da Prince - Bulletproof

Freestyles with Loe Pesci Dee Shade Borden Rev and Mook Liffffeee

Best of Adam Bomb - Mix Tape 2011

We Audii 5k

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Off The Hook Radio - Oct. 13th 2011

We had Mark from Artbeat Montreal in studio, he came by to talk about ArtbeatMontreal#3 which is going down October 17th. We also had Hard to Offend and Mooksy Collins, repping MookLife sitting in. CL and BK rolled through for the freestyles

It went down like this;

Fakin Jax - I'N'I
Mook Life - Ceas Rock
Show & A - Showbiz & AG
Muslim Wedding - Action Bronson
Nunca Cambiare - Los Cuazes
World We're In - D-Shade ft. Buckshot & Blurum 13
Funny How - Borden
Momms Told Me - Roc Marciano
Late Nite - Murderface
Oxygen - Woodman
Butter Knives - Raekwon
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Johnny Illdigger's set;
L the Head Toucha - Too Complex
DJ Spinna - Correct Technique
Dan-E-O - Dear Hip-Hop
Easy Business - Do You Know How To Chill
Lone Catalyst - Lone Catalyst
Big-O - Smoove With the Ruffness
Microphone Terrorist - Green Paper
Defari - 405 Fridays
Kool G Rap & Nas - Fast Life (VR remix)
The Boombap Cats - The Jazz Records

You can download the mix by clicking here.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Off The Hook Radio Oct. 6th 2011

We had CeasRock, Markings and Hard To Offend, repping Mook Life or Mook hyphen Life, in studio this week.

Playlist went a little something like this:
Don't Believe The Hype - Public Enemy
Momms Told Me - Gang Green
El Dia Vendra - Loc Cuazes
World We're In - D-Shade ft. Buckshot & Blurum 13
Never A Dull Moment - Statik Selektah
Go Off - CeasRock
Open - CeasRock Ft. The Narcicyst & Uness
You - Evidence
Ugly You - Narcicyst
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
DJ Sage from Vancouver's set

Here's the video that we were talking about, the source of the content of the Rap Hour intro;

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sept. 29 2011

This week we had a full studio again; Regimental Oneton, Mickey Boston (...pronounced Mikey), Monk-E, Urban Logix, Justice, Loe Pesci, Borden & 80 Rock and others.

Tonz 'O' Gunz - Gangstarr
You - Evidence
This Is For - Borden 100 & Justice
Bulletproof - Cyhi The Prince
Gritty Grimey - Penzo Gritty & Cordata
Trouble On My Mind - Pusha T
They Say Hip-Hop - Mikey Boston & Regimental Oneton
Target Practice - Jedi Mind Tricks
Orange Boxcutter - Awar
Meteor Hammer - Wu-Tang
Bad Man's World - Magnum
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Don Smooth's 'Callabos Mix'

Here's Borden and Justice's video for This Is For;

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept. 22 2011

This week the studio was full up, we had Magnum, Dirtwork, Jus Frais, Markings, Loe Pesci & Osa (aka OG Hindu Kush), Justice and The Narcicyst in studio.

Small Time Hustler - Dismasters
This Isn't Right - Jus Frais
Target Practice - Jedi Mind Tricks
Path Of Destruction - Verbal & Penzo Gritty
Nunca Cambiare - Los Cuazes
They Say Hip-Hop - Mickey Boston & Regimental Oneton
Open - Ceasrock
What You Know Bout It - Magnum
Bad Man's World - Magnum
Lights Go On - OG Hindu Kush
Oxygen - Woodman
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Dwyck - Gangstarr
Don't Sweat The Technique - Eric B & Rakim
Suspended In Time - Group Home
Time's Up - OC
Sittin' On Chrome - Masta Ace Inc.
Dig It - The Coup

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept. 14th 2011

This week we had all the hosts in studio, plus the long lost Chang!

Temptation - Swollen Members
Bulletproof - Cyhi The Prince & Yelawolf
Babillard - Aspect Mendoza
1:52 AM - Apathy
Atypical - Skyzoo
They Say Hip-Hop - Mickey Boston ft. Regimental Oneton & DJ Conn Shawnery
Talk/Johnny Illdigger interview
Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed & Encouraging Racism - Big K.R.I.T.
Trouble On My Mind - Pusha T
Questions - Tony Touch ft. Noreaga, Reek Da Villain & Al Joseph
Not Here Anymore - Phonte
Rap Hour Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
DJ O-Nonymous's Nas set

Here are a couple videos that we were talking about;

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sept. 8 2011

We had Jus Frais, Markings, Flipthemyk, CL & Loe Pesci in studio

Skinz - Pete Rock & Grand Puba
Army Of The Godz - Apathy feat. Esoteric, Blacastan, Reef The Lost Cauze, Planetary, Crypt The Warchild, Motive; Celph Titled & Vinnie Paz
Second Place - Royce 5'9
Bad MuthafuKah - Superstar Quamallah & Deqawn
4 Tha Love - Teflon
No Pretending - 9th Wonder ft. Raekwon & Big Remo
Talk/Jus Frais & Markings interview
Traffic In The Night - Jus Frais & Moka Only
You Can Tell I'm High - Markings & Jus Frais
Super Extendo Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Hell's Kitchen - OG Hindu Kush

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sept. 1 2011

Okie dokie, here we go;

Full Clip - Gangstarr
C'Mon Son - Northern Lights
Laced Cheeba - Wu-Tang & Sean P
Brunch - Action Bronson
Dial Tones - Extremeties ft. Ghettosocks
Second Place - Royce 5'9
Double 07 - Curren$y & Alchemist
I Don't Play - Natural
Operator - RZA ft. Kosha Dillz & Kool G Rap
Spit - Showbiz & AG
Crooklyn - Special Ed, Buckshot & Masta Ace
They Reminisce Over You - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour Hour
DJ Wreck set;
Dj Wreck - Intro 

Big L - Put It On 

Black Moon - How Many Emcee's

Krs-One - Mc's Act Like They Dont Know 

Das Efx - Real Hip-Hop (Pete Rock Remix) 

Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell (Original + Remix) 

Lost Boyz - Jeep, Lex, Coups, Bimaz & Benz

De La Soul / Red Man - Oohh

Blazay Blazay - Oh My God 

Big Pun - You Ain't A Killer 

Biggie Smalls - Unbelievable 

The Beatnuts - Do You Believe 

Jay-Z - Dead President II

Diamond D / Cru - Hiatus Remix

Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. (original sample intro)

Fat Joe - Shit Is Real (dj Premier Remix) 

Nine - Whutcha Want

Gangstarr - Full Script

Big L - Ebonics 

Dj Wreck - Outro

Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 25, 2011

Flow was solo again this week, no lil' German helper though. This is how the playlist went down;

Bucktown - Smif n' Wessun
Uglyface - Brown Bag Allstars
Black Diamonds - Wu-Tang
C'Mon Son - Northern Lights
Live From Cannes - OG Hindu Kush
Celebration of Life - Og Hindu Kush ft. Narcy
Second Place - Royce 5'9
Ghetto Red Hot - Supercat
Set It Off (rmx) - Big Daddy Kane
Tap The Bottle - Young Black Teenagers
Don't Sweat The Technique - Eric B & Rakim
Live At The Barbeque - Main Source
Jack of Spades - Boogie Down Productions
R U Ready - Beatnuts
Fudge Pudge - Organized Konfusion
Funky For You - Nice and Smooth
Supa Star - Group Home
Let Your Backbone Slide - Maestro Fresh Wes
DJ Shortcuts Masta Ace Set
you can listen to Shortcut's mix by clicking here

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 18th 2011

Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest
I Don't Play - Natural
Brunch - Action Bronson
Trouble On My Mind - Pushat
Hell's Kitchen - OG Hindu Kush
100 - Borden
Check To Check - Apathy
Hot Sex - A Tribe Called Quest
Typical American - The Goats
The Boomin' System - LL Cool J
The Overweight Lovers In The House - Heavy D And The Boyz
Black With N.V. - Black Sheep
Ownlee Eue - Kwame
Stop The Violence - Boogie Down Production
Beats To The Rhyme - RUN DMC
Fresh Is The Word - M. C. TEE
Just A Friend - Biz Markie
Gettin' Money - Dr. Jeckyll And Mr. Hyde
Girls Of The World - The Just Four
Fresh - Fresh 3 MCs
La Di Da Di - Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh
You Aint Fresh - Boogie Boys
The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels Of Steel - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 11 2011

We had Static of We Funk in studio, you know We Funk, Friday nights right here on CKUT, midnight 'til 2am. They've been on the radio, on the net and on point for years, they'll be returning to Europe to do a little tour, check their web site to hear their show and check the dates. He'll be playing at Jukebox on Thursday, Jam Session at S’Temps D’art Africain on Saturday and Blue Dog on Sunday during his brief stay in Montreal.

We also spoke to Morgan from Hip-Hop Karaoke, it's going down this Saturday at Le Belmont, in Montreal, check their site for more details.

And Loe Pesci of OG Hindu Kush was also in studio, he's promoting King Of The Dot and the fact that they'll be opening for Masta Ace on Sunday night, it's a free show, it's at Foufs, it's part of Under Pressure. Did I mention the Masta Ace show is FREE?

Under Pressure, you know it, you love it, it goes down this weekend, August 13th & 14th you'll come and you'll check it! Check the flyers for details

Lyte As A Rock - MC Lyte
Laced Cheeba - Wu-Tang
Tha Love - Tef of M.O.P.
Operato - RZA ft.Kosha Dillz & Kool G Rap
Double 07 - Curren$y & Alchemist
Second Place - Royce 5'9
Check To Check - Apathy
Talk and interviews
Flavor Of The Month - Black Sheep
Shake Ya Rump - Beastie Boys
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
DJ Static spun us out

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

August 4th 2011

We hyped up the upcoming Under Pressure event, in it's 16th year, there's a lot of things going on, not to be missed is the free Masta Ace show on Sunday, August 14th at Foufounes Electriques.
Check for details.

Woodman came by to talk about his new album Product of The Machine, check LaGratos for more info and other things. Check the Facebook event page for the launch. Murderface, Frankie Fatsack and Forest Freaks will also be performing at the launch, it's free too.

Wack MCs - Del The Funky Homosapien
My Philosophy - Boogie Down Productions
Grand Verbalizer What Time Is It? - X-Clan
I Get Wrecked - Tim Dog
Night Of The Living Baseheads (Anti High Blood Pressure Encounter) - Public Enemy
Hip-Hop Junkies - Nice n Smooth
Mary Mary - Run DMC
Pop Goes The Weasel - 3rd Bass
The Fun Stops Here - Woodman
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
100 Miles and Runnin' - NWA
Cell Therapy - Goodie Mob
Get Pepped - Skinny Boys
Ease Back - Ultramagnetic MCs
Run's House - Run DMC
Strong Island - JVC Force
We In There - KRS One
Greatest Man Alive - Three Times Dope

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 28 2011

Off The Hook Rizzzzadio

The run down:
Bad Meets Evil - Slim Shady + Royce the 5'9"
Operator - RZA

Classic welcome to the show speech - Buddablaze and Rev

Psycho - Joell Ortiz
Ghetto Dreams - Common + NAS
Never Mind to You - Raekwon
Jet Luggage - Gangreen + Roc Marciano
Jerk Chicken - Action Bronson
Finito - Ferrell + Noreaga

More talking and Interview with Borden
100 - Borden
Talk Talk - Hostses

Raw Remix - BDK
Music - Mr Bits

30 Min Free style half hour hour

Osheaga Cypress Hill Set From DJ ShortCut (Toronto)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 21 2011

Under Pressure is coming up on August 13th and 14th. We''ll keep you up to date but check for updates anyway.
Before that we have a T.A. paint reunion slash Under Pressure thing thing going down on July 31st, check it;

Playlist went a little sumtin' like this;

Flagrant - Choclair
Movement Music - Malcolm & Martin
Steppin' To The A.M. - 3rd Bass
Just Watch - UTFO
Nobody Beats The Biz - Biz Markie
Superappin' - Grandmaster Flash
One To Grow On - The U.M.C.s
High Power Rap - Crash Crew ft. Disco Dave aka Disco Dave And The Force Of The 5 MCs
Beastie Boys - Hold It Now
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
I Ain't No Joke - Eric B & Rakim
R U Ready II - Beatnuts

Gamma Krush put together a set, coinciding with the Heavy Metal Kingz show that went down in Montreal tonight;
Bare Knuckle Boxing - 7L & Esoteric ft. Ill Bill,Vinnie Paz and Reef
The Lost Cause Retaliation - Jedi Mind Tricks
Cult Leader - Non Phixon
Brick Wall - Vinnie Paz ft. ILL Bill and Demoz
Peace Sells - Ill Bill
Eye is the King - Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz
A Bullet Never Lies - Ill Bill ft. Vinnie Paz
Rock Stars - Non Phixon
You can check him out on DOPE fm, 93.3 CFMU Hamilton, Saturday Overnight, 12AM EST(Sunday Morning), and

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 14, 2011

Solo Flow

Don't Sweat The Technique - Eric B & Rakim
Black Tequila - Ghostface
The Originators - Jaz-O & Jay-Z
Case of The P.T.A. - Leaders of The New School
Poison - Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
Live At The BBQ - Main Source
Salute - M.O.P.
Do You Believe - Beatnuts
Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless - Lost Boyz
Sittin' on Chrome - Masta Ace Inc.
Time's Up - OC
Grand Groove - Intelligent Hoodlum
I'm Kurious - Kurious
Hood Took me Under - Compton's Most Wanted
Wutcha Want - Nine
Weeded - Lootpack
Jackin' For Beats - Ice Cube
How I Could Kill A Man - Cypress Hill
Make Room - Alkoholiks
You Came Up - Big Pun
Shut 'Em Down - Public Enemy
Flow's Native Tongue set

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

July 7, 2011

We had Nick Fury in studio, he holds down the hip-hop on K103, Monday to Thursday night, check Real City Countdown to see some of what he's up to.
We also talked about an incident involving Pete Rock and Smif 'n Wessun and the NYPD. Here's a video of some of what went down;

...and after;

Hoodie Hoo - Outkast
Double 07 - Curren$y & Alchemist
Half Time - Elzhi
Oxygen - Woodman
Purple Heart Attack - Artcons
Dial Tones - The Extremities
Grey Alien Suits - OG Hindu Kush
The Story - D-Shade
This Music - Mr.Bits
Brass - Narcicyst
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Warzone - Dead Prez
Check It Out - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Skinz - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Straighten It Out - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
I Get Physical - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Head Rush - GZA & RZA
Ghettos of the Mind - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
The Basement - Pete Rock & CL Smooth

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 30th 2011

Flow's back from his trip to Germany, here are a couple o' flicks;
Leroy Berlin
Bikes ride by with the booming systems;
bike sound system
Tunnel vision;
Elbe Tunnel 2
Hamburg ISM-ism;

The Mission - Special Ed
Detroit State of Mind - Elzhi
I Refuse - Masta Ace
C'mon Son - NL5
The Legend Lives On - NL5
Check To Check - Apathy
Dial Tones - Extremities
Fresh Kills of The Extremities interview; LINK!!!!!!
The Realest - Mobb Deep
Reppin' NY - DJ JS1 and friends
Too Def - Offsides
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Tinseltown To The Boogiedown - Mos Def
Watch Out Now - Beatnuts
Git Up, Git Out - Outkast
Ice Cream - Raekwon
How I Could Just Kill A Man - Cypress Hill
New Jack Hustler - Ice-T
The Funkiest - Funkdoobiest
Poison - Kool G Rap & DJ Polo

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 23rd -Off da hilznack

Off The Hook

No Flow again tonight but he'll be back sooooon!

The hot set!


Mobb Deep - The Realest
Northern Lights - C'mon

First chat with Budda and Rev

Penzo Gritty & Verbal - Path of Destruction
Talib Kweli & Jean Grae - Uh Oh
Pete Rock and Smiff'n'Wessin - Monumental
Prodigy - Mack 10 Handle

12:30 talk with your hostses

Hindu Kush O.G. - Grey Alien Suits
Gang Green - Take Drugs
Woodman - Oxygen
Wiz Kalifah - On my Level
Rythmatic Crew - Hip Hop Head

Freestyle Rap Hour Half Hour Hour

DJ Buddablaze - Half hour M.O.P. mix

And we out til next week!!!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 16th



Thats The Joint - Funky 4
Nasty - Nas
Intro with yer hosts
Not What I say - Bumpy Knuckles
My God - Pusha T
Oxygen - Woodman

The Hosts Talk again

Bang Bang - Artcons
Slap Nerds - DJ Absurd

Freestyle Rap Hour Half Hour

DJ Short Cut Mix - Toronto

We out

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

June 9th

June 9th 2011

Late Start - technical rah rah
Beatnutz - Psycho Dwarf
Royce the 5'9" - Second Place
Intro talk
Eminem and Royce the 5'9" - I'm On Everything
Borden - Brown Money
Tech Nine - Worldwide Choppers
Talkin Shit with Darcy
Tyler, The Creator - She
More crap with our man Darcy speakin on Tribe called quest movie.
Freestyles with whomever
Shades Of Culture - Eye out
Dj Buddablaze - Redman 30 minute mix

And we out!


RedMan "Hot At Night" MIX

Thursday, June 02, 2011

June 2nd

This Week We Had IMAKEMADBEATS on the show. check out his Video Game HERE
Listen to our inyerview with IMAKEMADBEATS HERE

Play List

victorious people - Zion I Grouch
Peppercorn - ToolShed
Rockit Man - Zion I & Grouch
Talk Talk
Do You Agree - Nio The Gift Prod by IMAKEMADBEATS
Big Puns Back - Joell ortizz
All Good - DShade
Stumbling block - Strata Gems
On my Wait - Ceas Rock
Time For Some - Action Bronson
2 Step - Nice'n'Smooth
too many rappers - Beastie Boys
OK - Beastie Boys
Purple Heart Attack - Art Cons
Mic check - Pete Rock & Camp lo
Dreaming - Big K.R.I.T
Light Show - Pigeon Hole

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 26th 2011

We talked about a cross country MC battle going down, they're on the final leg of their search and that happens to be Montreal, but note that the deadline to get in is June 1st, go to UltimateMC for more info.

We also talked about the upcoming Big K.R.I.T. show, going down at the Belmont, Sunday May 29, click for details.

Dj Premier is in Deep Concentration - Gangstarr
2 Stepp - Nice 'n Smooth
That's Hard - Pete Rock & Smif 'n Wessun
Random Call - Random Axe
All Good - D-Shade
Moonstruck - Action Bronson
The Legend Lives On - NL5
Let's Go - Travis Barker
The Great Smoke Out - Declaime
Welcome to The Midwest - Tech N9ne
Fudge Pudge - Organized Konfusion
Mathematics - Mos Def
Dig It - The Coup
Git Up, Git Out - Outkast
People In My Hood - Masta Ace
Do You Believe - Beatnuts

And we finished off the show with a Big K.R.I.T mix by Budda Blaze, which you can hear here;

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 19 2011

We had Boombap Cats and CL in studio, they came by to talk about the upcoming album launch by Aspect Mendoza, this Friday May 20th at O Patro Vys 356 Mt-Royal Est Montréal. Show friends Boombap Cats, CL, Art Cons, Slik Jack, Spook One, Penzo Gritty & Logic Johnson will also be performing. Facebook page here.
They also talked about the Brown Bag Allstars Cd release party, performing there will be Boombap Cats, OG Hindu Kush, Morbin, Manzo & Brace. That's going down May 23 at Divan Orange 4234 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal. Check the Facebook page here.

We also had DJ Brace on the phone, of the Brown Bag Allstars.

We also also had Urbn Logix of Royal Peasants in studio for the freestyles. He was pushing 'The Message' going down on May 28 at Monde Ose Factory, 995 Wellington st., here's the description; The Royal Poets society will host their monthly event at the Monde Ose factory. Featuring poets, and FM HI LOW.

Playlist time;
Can I Kick It? - A Tribe Called Quest
Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet - DJ Revolution
The Truth - Showbiz & KRS One (produced by our man E-Blaze)
Don't Wanna Hear It - Reject
Ready - Rico Blox
Shut Down - Stallz
Boombap Cats & CL interview
The Story - D-Shade
DJ Brace interview
The Agenda - Brown Bag All Stars
Celebration Bitches - Murderface
Monster MCs - Boombap Cats
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Jazz Records - Boombap Cats
Beastie Boys mix by DJ O-nonymous, hear it here too;

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 12 2011

We talked about the Tech N9ne show. Budda Blaze talked about a friendly beat battle he's in over at, Boots, Johnny Illdigger, Teknition and Budda flipped a Supertramp beat, vote for your favorite... or just vote Budda if you can't make a selection.

Here's Boots' submission;
Moon Boots - Beat Battle 2 by Mook Life

Johnny Illdigger's;
Johnny Illdigger - SuperMook by Mook Life

Teknition - Beat Battle 2 by Mook Life

And Budda's;
DJBuddaBlaze - Beat Battle 2 by Mook Life

You Be Illin' - Run DMC
Make Some Noise - Beatie Boys
The Legend Lives On - NL5
Dreamin' - Big K.R.I.T.
The Madness - Action Bronson
Put Some Money On It - Slaughterhouse
Gore Core - Flip The Myk
Welcome To The Midwest - Tech N9ne
Let's Go - Travis Barker ft. some rappers
Coke, Dope, Crack, Smack - J-Doe
Crane Style - Raekwon
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Fly All The Time - Og Hindu Kush
The Milky Lowa - 9th Wonder ft. Camp Lo
Royal Flush - Outkast
Brass - Narcycist
Wu Ooh - Raekwon
Breeze - D-Shade
Free For All - The Random Humans
Set It Off rmx - Big Daddy Kane
Ease Back - Ultramagnetic MCs

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

May 5th 2011

We talked about OG Hindu Kush's album launch party. We had a Tech N9ne interview and CL and Johnny Illdigger were in studio.

Comin' For That Ass - Gangstarr
Dreamin' - Big K.R.I.T.
Breeze - D-Shade
Ain't Seen Nuttin' Yet - Malcolm & Martin
'Bout The Bubble - Tech N9ne
Riot Maker - Tech N9ne
Sinister Tech - Tech N9ne
Tech N9ne Interview, listen to it here;

Murderface - Murderface
Lights Go On - OG Hindu Kush
Never Be The Same - The Kid Daytona
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Champion Sound - Laylib
Can It Be - Murs
Buck Em Down - LL Cool J
Liquid Swords - GZA & Ras Kass
Rich & Black - Raekwon
Move Over - Baron Von Alias
Health Care - Narcysist
Shiraz - Action Bronson
Snow rmx - Roc Marciano

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Be sure to check out the OG Hindu Kush launch party for the new album "In 3D" on Monday May 2nd at Rachel-Rachel, that's at 500 Rachel, corner of Berri. 7-10pm.

Thick - D.I.T.C.
Breeze - D-shade <--click the the link to listen to and buy the track. SUPPORT!
Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Vinnie Paz & Ill Bill
Let You Go - I Make Mad Beats
Lights Go On - OG Hindu Kush
Osa of OG Hindu Kush interview
Celebration Of Life - OG Hindu Kush ft. Narcysist
Osa interview continued
Snow - Roc Marciano
Papermill - Madvillain
The Hex - Random Axe
The Axe - Penzo Gritty ft. Logic Johnson
Ready - Rico Blox
Failed attempt at Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
More Of - The Breax
Hype Shit - Murderface
Let's Go - Travis Barker
Jerk Chicken - Action Bronson
Learn - The Kid Daytona
Splatter - Odd Future
Piglets - Guilty Simpson
Role Model - Eminem
Stay Focused - DJ Solo & The Narcysist
Thank God - Malcolm & Martin
The Truth - Show Biz & KRS One
Purple Heart Attack - Art Cons
Give It Up - J-Live & RA The Rugged Man
City Parks - Karlitodakid

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apr. 21 2011

Hits From The Bong - Cypress Hill
Hand On The Pump - Cypress Hill
The Hex - Random Axe
Don't Wanna Hear It - Reject
Ventilation - Curren$y
How The Gods Chill - Sean Price
Fly All The Time - OG Hindu Kush
Deadly Medley - Black Milk
Morning Barcelona - D-Sisive
Mic Check - Camp Lo & Pete Rock
Black Connection - Camp Lo
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Guru Tribute set by Budda Blaze
Hype Shit - Murdaface

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apr 14th 2011

Another high powered edition

We Spoke W/ BK Of The Art-Cons about their new LP and Show Coming up on Friday
Heres The Flyer & FB event Page


Play List
Build ya skills - KRSONE
How da godz chill - Sean P
Talk Talk - Us and the Us's
Stand up MTL - Annakin Slayd - WORLD PREMIERE
Don't wanna hear it - Reject + Ed O.G
Blood Meridith - Heavy Metal Kings
Face Off - Art Cons + CL and Synikal
The 1230 talk with BK from Art Cons Live interview
Sheep Trick - Art Cons
More talking - OTH Crew
Lights go on - OG Hindu Kush
Ventilation - Curren$y
Clap - Pharaoe Monch
Rich and Black - Raekwon + Nas
Freestyle Rap Hour Half Hour Featuring Copyright laws and multiple curse man
I Want it - Critical & DJ Connect
Writers Block - Royce 5'9 & Eminem
Jerk Chicken - Action Bronson
Wasted Talent - Adam Bomb
MurderFace - Murdah Fiace
Yellow and Grey - Notes to self
No Wheaties - Big K.R.I.T
Lose your Life - Alchemist + Snoop Dogg
In The Park - GhostFace & Black Thought

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

April 7th 2011

Another Dope set for your drums...Ears that is!

Mad Scientist - Large Pro
Stay focused - DJ Solo + The Narcysist
The Bla Bla - Budda and Rev talk trizzash
Mic Check - Camp Lo + Pete Rock
Rich & Black - Raekwon + Nas
Fly all the Time - OG Hindu Kush

The Worst - ONYX + Wu Tang Clan
Celebration Bitches - Murderface
Talk Talk - The Talkers
Good Enough - Big Krit
Strangers - Reflection Eternal
Yonkers - Tyler The Creator

Barry Horowitz - Action Bronson
Let You Know - Imakemadbeats
Parrappa Tha Rappa Hour Half Hour Hour
Purple Heart Attack - Art-Cons
How The God chill remix - Sean P Ft Roc Marciano
Fired Up - C4 + Choclair
Travelosity - Masta Ace +Punch and Words

The Jazz Records - The Boombapcats
Never Be The Same - The Kid Daytona
Wasted Talent - Adam Bomb
Dog Shit - Mobb Deep
Fight Club (remix) - Slaughterhouse
W.A.R. - Pharoah Monch + Immortal Technique

OTH Crew is out 'til nex week! ... See you in da streetses!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 31 2011

Brent from Just Entertainment called in to promote the House of Pain reunion tour show that's going down in Toronto on April 9th. Onyx will be playing in Montreal on April 16th. Thursday March 31st sees Hip-Hop Karaoke, going down at Le Belmont.

Tical - Method Man
Yonkers - Tyler The Creator
Celebration - Murderface
Jerk Chicken - Action Bronson
Let's Go - Travis Barker ft. Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes & Lil Jon
Something - Big K.R.I.T.
Shamrocks and Shenanigans - House of Pain
Brent from Just Entertainment interview
Fly All The Time - OG Hindu Kush
Monster MCs (Masterbeater rmx) - Boombap Cats
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Ready - Rico Blox
Wasted Talent - Adam Bomb
You Don't Know - Underground Realroad
Snake Pond - Raekwon
Learn - The Kid Daytona
It Goes Down - Magnum
On My Level - Wiz Khalifa
Michael Knight - Curren$y
Brass - Narcicyst
Cant Hide The Truth - Nottz
Wassup, Wasup - Gang Green

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mar. 24

The Montreal Mirror's Best of Montreal voting is going down right now, follow this link to vote; BOM!!!, and don't forget your favorite radio show while you vote (hint; it's in the title of this blog).
We talked about the upcoming Smif 'n Wessun show, going down this Friday at 1234 de La Montagne. Flow mentioned that he went to a screening of a Cab Calloway documentary that was hosted by his grandson C. Calloway Brooks. Cab Calloway was the first truly stylin' guy in music.

The baby on Biggie Smalls' Ready To Die album is now 18 years old

Wrekonize - Smif 'n Wessun
Black Tequila - Ghostface Killah
Let's Go - Travis Barker ft. Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes & Lil Jon
Jerk Chicken - Action Bronson
Lights Go On - OG Hindu Kush
Assassins - Pharoahe Monch, Jean Grae & Royce Da 5'9
Waiting On You - Full Course
Murderface - Murderface
Brass - Narcicyst
No Wheaties - Big Krit ft. Smoke DZA & Curren$y
Nobody Beats The Biz - Biz Markie
Crane Style - Raekwon
Detroit - Royce Da 5'9
Ready - Rico Blox
On My Level - Wiz Khalifa & Too Short
POW - Spook One
Face Off - Reks ft. Termanology
Movement Music - Malcolm & Martin
Bucktown - Smif 'n Wessun
Mind On The Road - Rev Run
Brooklyn Hard Rock - Thirstin Howl III
Ice Cream - Raekwon
Brooklyn Zoo - Old Dirty Bastard
Release Yo' Self - Method Man
All That I Got Is You rmx - Ghostface Killah
4th Chamber - GZA
Stress - Organized Konfusion
Watch The Sound - Fat Joe ft. Diamond D & Grand Puba

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 17 2011

We had Morgan in studio, he came to talk about the upcoming Hip-Hop Karaoke at Le Belmont, on March 31st, check for more details.

We also had CL & Teknition of Murderface, Johnny Illdigger of Boombap Cats and Masterbeater sitting in studio with Penzo Gritty on the phone. They were promoting the MurderFace EP Launch Party w/ guests Spook One & Penzo Gritty. And they also talked about their new collective; Gigante! (exclamation point thrown in for effect)

Regulate - Warren G ft. Nate Dogg
Love Y'All - Mobb Deep
Coke, Dope, Crack, Smack - J-Doe
Learn - The Kid Daytona
Sniffin' & Puffin' - Termanology & Reks
Hype Shit - Murderface
Vengeance is Mine - Murderface
Lights Go On - OG Hindu Kush
Ready - Rico Blox
99 Bitches/How To Lick The Cat - Masterbeater & Penzo
You Don't Know - Underground Realroad
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Simahlak's Prodigy is Free mix

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10 2011

Flow was flying solo tonight, so no freestyles and just old/mid school vinyl.


Thursday, March 03, 2011

Flow (that's me) spent a month on a little island (27 square km) in the caribbean called San Andres, it belongs to Colombia but the native population, known as Raizal are descended from Jamaican slaves brought in to pick tobacco and cotton in the early 1630s. The south of the island is where you'll here much patwa as well as spanish. The pirate Henry Morgan was hanging around the island for a while ("you can't blame the youth").

We had Loe Pesci of OG Hindu Kush in studio, they just released their new CD, "OG Hindu Kush in 3D", go here to buy it; it's in 3D!!! can't get 3D digital files.

Bucktown - Smif 'n' Wessun
In The Ghetto - J.Period
Molasses - Raekwon
Monetary Policy - Beneficence
Ink My Whole Body - Wiz Khalifa
Ready - Rico Blox
Warehouse District - OG Hindu Kush
Loe Pesci interview
Hell's Kitchen - OG Hindu Kush
still Loe Pesci interview
Hootie Hoo - Outkast
No Wheaties - Big K.R.I.T.
Back On The Scene - Slaughterhouse
The Roadhouse - GLC, Curt@in$ & Rakaa
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
The Truth - KRS One & Showbiz
Don Smooth's Big L mix

Flow mentioned that Wiz Khalifa's beat on 'Ink My Whole Body' sounded a lot like an old school song, the song he was talking about was I'm Kurious by Kurious;

The original beat was Curious by Midnight Star;

But LSG also used it on a song that featured LL Cool J, MC Lyte & Busta Rhymes;

LSG stood for Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb 17th

On a mission - special Ed
Put some money on it remix - slautherhouse
talk talk
Days go by - underground realroad
point of view - Toroe
25th Hour - Reks
Street corner - Nuttso
Shiraz - Action Bronson
Talk Talk - Action Bronson Interview

Sniffin & Puffin - Thermanology - Reks Prod by Karlitodakid

E.Blaze & KarlitoDaKid Interview

The Truth - ShowBiz & KRSOne


DJ BuddaBlaze's BIG PUN Tribute MIX

Full Circle - Destro
Tear It Up - Money Making Jam Boys
Get Money Have Fun - Buff1
zone of danger - Big L
Purple heart attack - Art-Cons
Rule #4081 - Iron Solomon - cassady

Action In The Kitchen Video

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 10th 2011

Feb 10th 2011

Another Week With No Flow, but we did have our swerve on atleast. we spoke on the NEW
OG Hindu Kush LP as well The Crowd was booing These UK Robbers Foiled by GrandMa

Play List

Big Daddy Kane - Aint no half steppin'
Omar Offendum ,The Narcycist, FreeWay - jan 25th
Talk Talk
Action Bronson - Get Off My P P
Reks - 25th hour
KrsOne & ShowBiz - The Truth (Prod By E.Blaze)
Nutso - Street Corner
Buff1 - Get Money, Have fun
Talk Talk
GhostFace Killa, Busta Rhymes - SuperStar
Destro - Full Circle (montreal)
The Kid Daytona - Never Be The Air
Ape The Grim Ft El De Sensi - Stick'em
YelaWork - Daddy's Lambo
GangStarr - Whos Gonna handle the whole weight

30 Min Free Styles Hour Hour

Don Smooth's J Dilla Tribute MIX


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan 27 2011 - Flow-Less This week

yes not a lack of style but rather a loss of personal. Flow is out of town for a couple weeks. we holding shit down without him!,.. peep the bas spelling & such

Play List

Michie Mee - On This Mic
ShowBiz & Krs One - The Truth (prod by E.Blaze) MTL
Talk Talk
Celph Titled & Buckwild - Miss These Days
Jus Frais & Markit - To & Fro
SlautherHouse - Back on the scene
Penzo Gritty - A Mille (FreeStyle) MLT
Rapper Big Pooh - Zone Out
Dynasty - Epic Dynasty
Saigon - Bring Me Down
Curren$y - Michael Knight
30 min FreeStyle half hour hour
GhostFace & Black Thought - In The Park
GhostFace - how you like me baby
GhostFace & Raekwon & UGod - Ghetto
GhostFace & BustaRhynes
Reks - Say Goodnight
Nottz - Cant hide the truth
Ape The Grim - Stick'em
GangGrene - Get into some ganster shit

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan. 20 2011

We talked about the Montreal Rick Ross debacle, mmmph.

Back To The Grill - MC Serch ft. Chubb Rock, Nasty Nas and Red Hot Lover Tone
Zone Out - Big Pooh
Tear It Up - The Money Making Jam Boys
Snow (rmx) - Roc Marciano
Be Right - Nas
Back On The Scene - Slaughterhouse
See Me Later - Hindu Kush & I-Blast
Black Tequila - Ghostface
Learn - The Kid Daytona
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
H.A.M. - Kanye West & Jay-Z
Pop The Trunk - Yela Wolf
Epic Dynasty - Dynasty
Gone Be There - Narcicyst
Health Care - Narcicyst
S.O.S. - Blaq Poet
Summer's Gone - Magnum
Paranoid - Reflection Eternal
The Sickness - Alchemist & Ohno

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan. 13 2011

We had DJ Cosmo in studio, Budda will be spinning at his weekly Friday night, 'Get Nice', that goes down at Blizzarts here in Montreal.

On the 29th, be sure to check out the KOTD : Montreal Division vol.5 (see flyer below).

Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest
Juicy - Notorious B.I.G.
Def Jammable - Redman
Shaolin vs Wu-Tang - Raekwon
Is It Real - Northern Lights
Black Tequila - Ghostface
Zone Out - Big Pooh
Epic Dynasty - Dynasty
Movement Music - Malcolm & Martin
Ham - Kanye West & Jay-Z
Passing Me By - Pharcyde
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Snow rmx - Roc Marciano
DJ Cosmo set

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Jan. 6 2011

A To The K - Cypress Hill
Rap Up 2010 - Skillz
Black Tequila - Ghostface
Snow rmx -- Roc Marciano
School Yard Roc - Heavyweight
Butterknives - Raekwon
See Me Later - Hindu Kush
Bring Me Down - Saigon
Movement Music - Malcolm & Martin
Stormy Weather - Alex Dimez
Foundation - Sporadic
Def Jammable - Redman
Michael Knight - Curren$y
Purple Heart Attack - Art Cons
80's Baby - Joell Ortiz
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Tape Rock - Mysonne
Papermill - Madvillain
The 1ne - Nottz ft. Alchemist
Summer's Gone - Magnum
Deadly Medley - Black Milk
Murderface - Murderface
Greatest Story Never Told - Saigon
Talkin' All That Jazz - Staetsasonic

Here's the video of the homeless guy with the good voice over voice;