Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept. 22 2011

This week the studio was full up, we had Magnum, Dirtwork, Jus Frais, Markings, Loe Pesci & Osa (aka OG Hindu Kush), Justice and The Narcicyst in studio.

Small Time Hustler - Dismasters
This Isn't Right - Jus Frais
Target Practice - Jedi Mind Tricks
Path Of Destruction - Verbal & Penzo Gritty
Nunca Cambiare - Los Cuazes
They Say Hip-Hop - Mickey Boston & Regimental Oneton
Open - Ceasrock
What You Know Bout It - Magnum
Bad Man's World - Magnum
Lights Go On - OG Hindu Kush
Oxygen - Woodman
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Dwyck - Gangstarr
Don't Sweat The Technique - Eric B & Rakim
Suspended In Time - Group Home
Time's Up - OC
Sittin' On Chrome - Masta Ace Inc.
Dig It - The Coup

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