Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Watchu watchin'?

Fat Joe ft. Grand Puba & Diamond D - Watch the Sound

Download the damn mp3 already!

- Diamond D is the man

Friday, February 23, 2007

Expanding grounds

Here's a couple of Montreal movers and shakers that we've been feeling recently;

Producer extraordinaire and 'big in Japan', Think Twice; www.myspace.com/thinktwicemtl
Check the 'People Wanna Know'
track, with Manchilde
and Shogun

And the ever exciting/excited Psynlangwage; www.myspace.com/psynlangwage
Check the 'Psynfeld' track.


Flow's Old School Bitches

Every second show of the month I do a half hour of classic hip-hop, sometimes it'll be true old school ('79-'84) and sometimes it'll go up to '94ish, here are some recent ones. I like December's.

Download Flow's Old School for Oct 12 '06 - 23.73MB;
The Mean Machine - Disco Dream (Sugarhill 1981)
The Treacherous Three - Put The Boogie In Your Body (Enjoy 1981)
The Disco Four - Do It, Do It (Enjoy 1981)
Whodini - Magic's Wand (Jive 1982)
Dr.Jeckyll & Mr.Hyde - Gettin' Money (Profile 1983)
Rock Master Scott and The Dynamic Three - The Roof is on Fire (Reality 1984)
UTFO - Leader of the Pack (Select 1985)
Disco 3 - Fat Boys (Sutra 1984)
Love Bug Starski - Live at the Fever (The Fever 1984)

Download Flow's mid/late School for December '06 - 53MB;
He Say, She Say - Showbiz & AG
They Want EFX - Das EFX
Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop - Diamond D
True Fuschnick - Fu-Schnickens
Code of The Streets - Gangstarr
I'm Kurious - Kurious
You Know What I'm About - Lord Finesse & Big L
Chief Rocka - Lords of The Underground
Everything's Gonna Be Alright - Naughty By Nature
Straighten It Out - Pete Rock & CL Smooth

Download Flow's mid/late School for February '07 - 52.7MB;
Steady B - Serious (Ceereeus B.D.P. Remix)
Black Sheep - Strobelight Honey (No We Didn't Mix)
Intelligent Hoodlum - Underground
Run DMC - Down with the King
Stetsasonic - Uda Man
De La Soul - You Got It
EPMD - Let the Funk Flow
True Mathematics - For the Money (Phone Mix)
Just Ice - Latoya

Playlist for February 22 2007

Grandmaster Flash - Nasty
Joell Ortiz - Modern Day Slavery
Sean P - P-Body
CL Smooth - All I Know
Royce 5'9 - Street Hop
Freddie Foxx- Hard Ghetto
Talky Talk
Little Brother - Cross The Line
Brooklyn Acadamy - Raise Your Hands
Smif n Wesson - Walk Like a Champion
Psynfield - Psynlanguage (Canadian content)
Blackmack - B.E. (Canadian content)
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Budda Blaze Sex mix

To download, go to the archives;
CKUT's site

First things first

I know, who the kcuf does this guy think he is starting a blog? That's how I've always fealt. But hey, it's a new world. For now it's a one guy thing but maybe this'll become a crew effort.

So what'll go down here? Tracklists and links to grab our weekly shows, some hip-hop news, various links to uploaded songs and whatever else comes up. Hopefully this is a blog you'll put in your 'check every couple of weeks' folder.

Welcome and enjoy.