Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oct. 30

This week, we have Chang back in the studio, he's been away for a while and he'll be gone again.

Picture taken by The Jade Emperor from Halifax, he's representing The Maple Mothership

Started in Halifax in 1999 by The Jade Emperor, Uncle Fester and DJ Beef as Canada's radio institution dedicated to furthering, educating, celebrating and networking the Canadian hip hop scene as a united national scene. Originally launched as a radioshow for the masses on CKDU it has now grown into a pro-bono institution that embodies a nation-wide family fabric and network. If you a Canadian artist, reach out and join the family...we here for CANADA large!

Atherton and BK were in studio, promoting a show that's going down next week here in Montreal. The club is between Berri and Amherst for those that get lost.

Playlist time;

Freaks Come Out at Night - Whodini
I'm Having a Relapse - Eminem
Bury You With Satan - Necro
Iller Than Thriller - AKA
The Unexpected - DJ Babu ft. MF Doom & Sean Price
Cold World - Prodigy
Losing Out - Black Milk ft. Royce 5'9
Talk/Interview with Atherton & BK
Talk About You - Statik Selektah
All In One - Reks ft.Lil Fame
The Art of Disrespekinization - Heltah Skeltah
The Truth - Jake One ft. Freeway
Can't You Tell - Joell Ortiz
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Loe Pesci, Osa, BK and Atherton sat in for the freestyles
Kid Kebec takes us out for the last half hour.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 24. Another show, yo.

This week's beats have been provided by LE Backspin, he doesn't have a Myspace so I can't direct you to anywhere to find his work.

Of course come check us on November 5th at Jupiter Room;

Act Like You Know - Black Moon
Come Get With It - Basic Vocab
Living For The City - Statik Selektah, Jadakiss & M.O.P.
Go - Madlib & Guilty Simpson
You Can't Change The World - Kwote Scriptures
The Hulk - Cubbie Bear
We had a 'round table discussion' with Omen about graffiti and it's relation to hip-hop, mainstreaming it and public acceptance and accommodation. You can check him at his Myspace and Flickr pages.

Trap Door - Jake One ft. MF Doom
Grow Up - Bishop Lamont
Goin' Outta Control - Kaboose ft. Royce 5'9
Cappuccino - The Knux
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Verbal Intercourse - Raekwon
Gimme Some More - Busta Rhymes
Stray Bullet - Organized Konfusion
Pegasus - Vast Aire
Freak Nasty Remix - Cordata & Penzo Gritty Stem
Tether - Blu Rum 13

November Jupiter Room


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We were supposed to have Rock of Heltah Skeltah calling in ...he didn't. We'll get him.

Budda Blaze is booing the people who work on the roads, our highways and byways.
We've hit the wall with playing producer's beats. Send us 6 songs at

The Mission - Special Ed
For The City - Statik Selektah ft. M.O.P & Jadakiss
Goin' Outta Control - Caboose ft/Royce 5'9
Hood Shit - Termanology
4 Alarm Blaze - M.O.P. ft/Jay Z
Hellz Kitchen - Heltah Skeltah
The Matrix - Black Milk, Pharoah Monche & Sean P
It's Time - Dj K.O. ft/Soulstice & Eternia
Hardcore Hip-Hop - Large Professor
Say Goodnight - Reks
Freak Nasty - Cordata & Penzo Gritty Stem
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour

Markit sat in for the freestyles and hung around after, check him at Markit Music and his Myspace

Growth - Markit
Iraqnaphobia - Euphrates
High Roller - Prolific
The Growler - Brooklyn Academy
Jonesin' - Dead Indians
Regulate The Industry - Boombap Cats
Ringtone Murder - LL Cool J & Grandmaster Caz

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


A prime example of the commercialization of hip-hop that killed/held it back. From 1985, check Carlton in his Beat It jacket ...he hung with Michael a litle too much.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Some shit

Chief Chinchilla and J-Zone - Can I Get A Sip

Chief Chinchilla can't lockdown some strange wool;

"Unless you have no standards or you're famous, you've been there. Stop lying. The cylinders just ain't clickin ladies & gentlemen. That best of Sade CD (or nowadays your "midnight passion" playlist on the ipod) ain't been used in forever. Your hormones have you running through every number in your cel and emailing every loose strand you ever messed with (or never got a chance to mess with). Some people even go as far as to call up that ex fit for a Jerry Springer episode. Nightclubs are dead. So you join eharmony and after spending 3 hours fillin out a profile, you're hit with a $20 per month fee to hook up with some hog named Ethel or some clown with 2 of his teeth left (and both are molars). It happens to the best of us, join the club. How do you shake a dry spell? Everybody has their own method, but check the September Gator$-n-Fur$ (Dry Spell) and find out how Chief Chinchilla and I deal with it! Enjoy the show (url below)"
Download Gator$-n-Fur$ Sept. 2008

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

October 9

This week Budda is booing Rev and I for not inviting him to hang out on the weekend. In studio, we had Jus, you can download his album at

PLaylist, Homes.

Looking At The Front Door - Main Source
The Hardest - Large Professor
The Art Of Disrespekinazation - Heltah Skeltah
Hood Shit - Termanology
Be Prepared - Akrobatik
That's It Y'All - Spesh K ft/Sadat X & Moka Only
Crunch Time - Jus
The Payback - Immortal Technique
Trust Nobody - Ill Bill
U Wonderin' - Buckshot & 9th Wonder
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Cappuccino - The Knux
Motown 25 - Elzhi
Step Bacc - People Under The Stairs
Say Goodnight - Reks
Stay Up - 88 Keys
The Growler - Brooklyn Academy
Rockin With The Goat - LL Cool J

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oct 2008, live from the cluuuuuub

This week we did our monthly broadcast from Jupiter Room, 3874 St.Laurent, it was a hot one.

After realizing that the Velvet Trench Vibes' CD was practically cracked in half, they had to go off some instrumentals provided by Budda Blaze.
D-Shade followed up, with Leesa Mackey backing him up.

Shout out to everybody who came out, including Psynlangwage, Loe Pesci, Royal Peasants, Northern Lights, Eternia, DJ Devious, KC LMNOP and thanks to Maysr & Penzo Gritty Stem for calling in from Cuba.

Talking to people on the street, I was trying to hold the door open to make sure the wireless mics (thanks Moog) were coming out right, so I didn't get a chance to get a shot with the crowd off to the right.

Velvet Trench Vibes;

Some guy, D-Shade and Leesa Mackey;

Revolution & KC LMNOP;

KC LMNOP & D-Shade;

Group shot;

Deuce in the back and Justice up front.
Northern Lights/NL5