Thursday, May 24, 2007

Playlist for May 24th 2007

Redman - Time 4 Sum Aksion
Big Shug - It Just Don't Stop
Talk talk
KRS ONE & Marley Marl - The Victory
Blaq Poet - Nigga, Bitch, Ho
Tek - Death is Forever
Sean P & C.O.D. - Let's Ride
Jazzy Jeff - Let Me Hear You Clap
Talk Talk & FAMN interview (mtl)
FAMN - Things Done Changed
Jurassic 5 - Hood In The USA
Common - The Game
Evidence & Parrish Smith - Mr. Slow Flow (remix)
Rapp Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Ghostface Killah - The Champ
Little Vic - The Exorcist
Split Second - Free HipHop Now
Doompassage & Ill Bill - doompassage
Strong Arm Steady - Movement

We had FAMN roll through the studio;

Be sure to check them out May 26th '07 at Les Minots 3812 St.Laurent, Montreal.
Video shoot, live performance, free crap, and our peoples Psynlangwage will be there too.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Playlist for May 17 '07

Ain't No Future in Frontin' - MC Breed
Click - SkyZoo
Talk talk
Gimme One - Red Man
I Was There - KRS One & Marley Marl
Hard as a rock - Joell Ortiz
Talk Talk
Saturday - Ludacris
The Game - Common
Back Home - Blue Scholars
New York, New York - Method Man
Rapp Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Bottom Top - Lupe Fiasco
Stories From Hell - Ransom
Break Your Face - Psynlangwage(mtl)
Just A Child - Narcissist(mtl)
Breakfast - Malicious(mtl)
Growning Pains - DJ Manifest/Offsides/D Shade(mtl)
Voodoo Children - FBI (K-Town/mtl)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You're screwed, I'm screwed, she's screwed, he's screwed, we're screwed

Radio is not meant to be used as entertainment anymore. First Imus gets fired for saying "nappy headed hos", then 2 NYC jocks get fired for a prank phone call to a Chinese restaurant, then Opie & Anthony are suspended for 30 days(still under threat of being fired) because a homeless guy alluded to having violent sex with Condoleezza Rice, Laura Bush and Queen Elizabeth on an XM satellite radio channel that is branded 'XL' for 'explicit language' and you have the option of blocking that channel. Why is it OK for movies and TV to make jokes but radio has to be a serious medium? Why is it that a paid TV service, such as HBO or Showtime can air things that a paid radio service can't? If you hear any of these recent incidents out of context it's easy to jump to conclusions, but the Imus and O&A incidents were unscripted things that happened... things happen.

Link; Comedian Patrice O'Neal(regular guest on O&A) on Fox News(listen to the crew laugh;

Link; Story on CNN about PC special interests groups taking over your freedom to be entertained

Now given, all these jokes are not always funny, the hosts realize this but it is not against the law to offend somebody or bomb on a joke.

Further reading on JV & Elvis' career ending joke;

More on O&A's current suspension;;_ylt=AvNkM47upgnPrDrNhfDkBR1xFb8C

By the way, Imus was fired in the middle of a yearly telethon he does for sick children and he has a ranch for terminally ill children and kids with cancer, which will both be affected by a couple of words. But Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson continue to be 'black leaders'.. who voted these guys as leaders?
There was recently a rape case of a black woman accusing 3 white Duke students of rape, it continued for a year during which time Jesse Jackson said that no matter how it turned out, he'd pay for the stripper/accuser to get a university degree, well, the case just closed and it turned out she was lying.

And as for Al Sharpton, just research Tawana Brawley and you'll see what a piece of crap that guy is.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Video Time

D-Shade - More To Say

...featuring an angry white guy.

Playlist for May10 '07

Rappin' ain't no Thing - Boogie Boys
Giving Up - Red 1 (cancon)
talk talk
It Just Don't Stop - Big Shug
The Exorcist - Lil' Vic
Brooklyn Bullshit - Joell Ortiz
Brooklyn Remix - Joell Ortiz
talk talk
Luchini - Camp Lo
Mack 10 Handles - Prodigy
How You Like That - Redman
Hip-Hop Retrospective - Wordssmith & Jaz O
Under the Hook - Specifics (MTL)
Rapp Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Uncle Sam Goddamn - Brother Ali
Live Hard, Die Harder - Showbiz n AG
The Paper - Skyzoo
Squeeze Your Ratchet - Termonoloy
The Hardest - Styles P & AZ
Feel the Bass - Sa-Ra
She Was So Fly - Jazzy Jeff & Kardinal Offishal(cancon)
Memory Lane 07' - Doo Wop

Playlist for last week; M.I.A.