Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kanye West, king of...

...alright, enough already.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Lethal Weapon - Ice-T

Smash Dubs - Revolution


We Need Order - Arab Summit

So Amazing - Terminology

Year Of The Gun - Cinematik

Get Down - Special Teamz


Keepin' It Gangsta - Psycho Les

Drivin' Me Wild - Common

Coffee - Aesop Rock

My World - Boot Camp Click

Pat wreck get's on the tables;

Some Lox track

Boom - Royce 5'9


Living Proof - Group Home

Crosstown Beef - Medina Green

Thick - D.I.T.C.

Ghostwriter - Mad Skillz

We Gonna Make It - Jadakiss (end of Black Lung's set)


Untitled Track - Narcicyst


Ras - Narcicyst

Get Drunk - Penzo Gritty

Mask & Assassin(?) - Sick Jackson

Mash Out - Jojo Pelligrino

Harder Than You Think - Public Enemy

Harder - Malicious

MCs Act Like They Don't Know - KRS One

SixToo Super Sampler Set

Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour

Break Your Face - Psynlangwage

Flow does a mini set;

Checkin' Out The Avenue - Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard

Gorilla - C.E.B.

Rough House Survivors - Rough House Survivors

Who You Be - Bro-N X

Then Don Smooth came through to drop some goodness

Thanks for listening for 10 years.

Thanks to everybody who came through;

Logic Johnson





Penzo Gritty Stem

Deuce & Justice of Northern Lights

Cracked Lips

Don Smooth




"The People Upstairs" aka CKUT staff

Thanks to Guru drink for the physical boost

And to Moog Audio for the equipment to set up extra turntables

Playlists for August 30 & September 6

Sept 6

Grand Finale - NWA

Heat - Record Kings

Talk Talk

Fuck You Mean - Pack FM

Coffee - Aesop Rock

Turn Up The Mic - Bumpy Knuckles

It's A Must - Rakim & Rahzel

Talk Talk

News Shooting - Psynlangwage

Driving Me Wild - Common

Mission - Jaylib

Give Me Love - Gray Skull

Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour

We Need Order - Arab Summit

Tether - Blue Rum 13

Flashlight - Kanye West

Mask & Assaisin - DJ Muggs & Sick Jackson

Treason - Akir IT

Uncle Rahiem - Consequence

Boot Camp - My World

No Place Like Home - FBI




Aug 30

Cosmic Slop - Redman

Uncle Rahiem - Consequence

Talk Talk

Mash Out - Jojo Pellegrino

My World - BCC

So Amazing - Terminology

Driving Me Wild - Common & Lilly Allen

talk talk

Harder Than You Think - Public Enemy

Whole Lotta Bad News - Logic Johnson (mtl)

The Final Test - Chemistry - (mtl)

Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour

We Need Order - Arab Summit (mtl)

Watch Your Step - Percee P

Hot Thing - Talib Kweli

No Holding Back - AZ & Cormega

Mask and Assassin - Sick Jackson & DJ Muggs

Flyentology (Cassette Won't Listen) - El P


Rock the Convoy - Rob Sonic

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sorry for no playlists. Blaze, ya slippin'!!

But be sure to check out this week's show, it's our 10th anniversary. We'll be doing 4 hours, from 11 to 3am. If things go as planned we should have guests coming through. Listen in. If you can't listen live you can always check out to listen online, the show is archived there.