Thursday, January 29, 2009

Arab Money

Arab Money is in the news again, saw a story on Yahoo that mentions Narcicyst.

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They Live

Just because Budda and I were talking about this after the show, I present to you, South Park's tribute to John Carpenter's 1988 film 'They Live'. I don't watch many movies but I think I've seen this movie as many times as my favorite, The Warriors. South Park recreated, scene-by-scene, blow-for-blow the fight between Rowdy Roddy Piper and that other guy, but using Jimmy and Timmy, here's a good combination showing the similarities, it's titled; They Live - Cripple Fight, please enjoy.

Y'see, Roddy's trying to get the other guy to put on these glasses that let you see the controlling forces that're really going on around you.

Jan 29 2008


We're all on on that Twitter thing check our.... ugh... 'tweets' Off the Twit

We had Simahlak on the phone, he talked about a radio show he did last Tuesday from 3-5 pm, you can go to the ckut archives to listen to it, he's also promoting his monthly night, Gumbo, this Friday he's got P-Thugg of Chromeo and ?uestlove of The Roots, it'll be at Coda 4119 St.Lawrence blvd. Also, in studio we had Underground Realroad, they're promoting themselves of course as well as an upcoming show at Le Social 1445 Bishop, they'll be playing with Malicious, Cause and Jonathan Emile, that's going down on Feb. 7th. Show promoter J.J. rolled through with the Underground Realroad folks.

Here's a first for us, check the ad for the show;

And Sim's ting-ting;

Playlist time;

I Get Wrecked - Tim Dog
Make It Big - Theology III
That talking part
Fear of Mandingo - Nas
Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos - Public Enemy
Pushin' Buddens - Saigon
Maybe - Underground Realroad
Talking ...again
Let It Go - Underground Realroad
Losing Out - Black Milk
Like This - Dsisive
Living Proof - Group Home
Put Ya Stamp On It - Akrobatik
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
A set by Simahlak

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jan 22


Budda ran down his experience at the El Da Sensei show last week, the show went super late and he had to go sleepies before the main act went on.

Are You Ready - The Beatnuts
Feel My Shit - Casual
Talky talk
Crack a Bottle - Eminem
Got Fire - El Da Sensei
I Wanna Tell Ya - 6th Sense
Truth - Cymarshall Law
Never Defeat 'Em - EPMD
Talking part again
Bounce - Markit & Jus
Holdin' It Down - Funkdoobiest
Losing Out - Black Milk
Top Left - Citizen Kane
Gritty Grimey - Penzo Gritty & Cordata
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Nowhere To Run To, Nowhere To Hide - Gravediggaz
Don't Understand - Masta Ace
The Extinction Agenda - Organized confusion
Set it Off - Kardinal Offishal
Pegasus - Vastaire
Sugar Hell No - Superstar quammallah
How bout some Hardcore - M.O.P.
I shot ya - LL Cool J
MC's act like they know - KRS ONE
Queen Bitch - Lil Kim
Method Man - Wu Tang
Hip Hop Drunkies - The Alkoholiks
Punks jump up - Brand Nubian
The most beautiful thing - Keith Murray
Steal from Walmart - Ghettosocks (Halifax)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan. 15 2009

Cracked Lips and Cordata were in studio;


Burn The Flag - The Goats
Got Fire - El Da Sensei
Shake This - Royce 5'9
Souled Out - Eternia
Whar - RZA
The Smash - Cordata & Penzo Gritty Stem
Holdin' It Down - Funkdoobiest
The Message - Nas
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Str8 Outta BK - Suge White
Afghan Greed - reef The Lost Cauze
Coolness - Rhymefest
Mass Appeal 2008 - Convinced
Love - Almost September
Letter To B.I.G. - Jadakiss
Wait and See - Pugz Atomz ft. Sadat X

We Spoke about the up coming the Keep Six Tour w/El Da Sensei & Ghettosocks on sunday jan 16th

as well as Lil Wayne's show

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jan.08 '08

To Listen To This Show Click HERE

Keep The Crowd Moving - Lord Finesse
2008 Wrap Up - Skillz
Set It Off - Kardinal Offishal
Move - Q-Tip
The Gaza - Narcicyst
Say it - Termanology
Souled Out - Eternia
Shake This - Royce 5'9
Thugathon - Termanology & Statik Selektah
16, 17, 18 - Almost September
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Losing Out - Black Milk
Do You - SkyZoo & King Magnetic
NY Bullshit - Punchline
Bells & Whistles - SkyZoo
Morning - Joell Ortiz
Regulate The Industry - Boombap Cats
Hardcore Hip-Hop - Large Pro

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Confirmed: MC Shan was a douche

Masta Ace Talks With D-Nice, Discussing His Role In Creating The Classic Juice Crew Recording "The Symphony".

And it may be a little late but here's a little spot from Chief Chinchilla and J-Zone for some Boss Hogg Egg Nogg

Maybe many voices do make a difference

Budda listens to Sirius and I listen to XM, as well as good ol' CKUT, and now we listen to the new conglomerated Sirius/XM monster. For some reason they cut the old school hip-hop channels from both platforms a couple of months ago. The smart thing would've been melding them. It seems that after receiving many complaints, the company has decided to bring back a channel that'll be on both networks. Good job.


“We are fortunate to have an enthusiastic audience that embraces satellite radio with unprecedented fervor. We will continue to Listen to them as we strive to create the best audio entertainment experience available.”