Thursday, January 31, 2008

PlayList Jan 31

jan 31

night of the living baseheads remix - public enemy

s.o.s - Blaq Poet

talk talk

the music industry remix - termonology

choice iz yours revisited - black sheep

get ya hands up - coredata

figure it out - dynas

talk talk

get away - mobb deep

beats mode - akrobatik

hiphop nation - channel live

bad man - fat ray

multi bars of fury - cl smooth

rapp hour half hour hour

get out of the battle zone - royal pesents (mtl)

voodoo child - F.B.I

home invasion - guilty simpson

718 -cormega -lil fame

dirt empire - yakk ballz

stop look listen - statik selector

piano - hi tek

move - faculty

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dog, dog, church

We've been a fan of Louis CK for a while now. Pooty Tang, anyone?
We were lucky enough to catch him at the Just For Laughs festival last year.

Here're 3 videos from Louis CK, 2 mindless, 1 mindful.

Louis CK's stupid dog #1;

Louis CK's stupid dog #2;

Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church;

DISCLAIMER: Don't watch that last video if you're a boy fucker.

Additional dog shots

Budda posted his favorite shot of our collar winner, I liked a couple of the other shots of the same dog. Thusly I share with you;

Monday, January 28, 2008

Jan 24th Play List & Collar Winner

Playlist jan 24th

skinz - pete rock & CL Smooth

figure it out - Dynas

talk talk

get bitches - guilty simpson

stop look listen - statik selector

get them out the way pa - wu tang

cant feel my fash - smith n wessin


fuck you talkin bout - pack fm

put ya stamp on it - akrobatik

Heat - Record kingz

light works - busta rhymes - j dilla

rapp hour half hour

untittled - stem & Logic

native thing called hiphop - F.B.I

feel it remix - faculty

mark my words - muneshine

piano - hi tek

shopping bags - dela soul

Heres Our Lucky Winner Of The DoggStar Collar & Leash Contest

Friday, January 18, 2008

Play List

jan 17

south bronx - BDP

hiphop nation - channal live

talk talk

914 - pete rock

put your stamp on it - akrobatik

something real - touch & nato

718 - cormega & lil fame

things done changed - big noyd

talk talk


revenge (some get back) - necro

roam - doujah raze

radio freq - dead prez

07 wrapp up - Skillz

rapp hour half hour hour

make em NV - J Dilla

go all out - buck shot & 9th wonder

125 grams part 4 - joell ortiz

work to do - kidz in the hall

90 days - sadat X

Get them out ya way pa - wu tang

The office - Grayskull

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Playlist for January 10

I Like It - Grand Puba
90 Days - Sadat X
talk talk
Creepy Crawly - Necro
El Barrio - Sick Jacken & DJ Muggs
Milky Lowa - 9th Wonder & Camp Lo
Surviving The Times - Nas
Mans World - Guilty Simpson
talk talk
Work To do - Kidz in The hall
Dirt Empire - Yakk Ballz
2007 wrap up - Sillz
Light Works - J Dilla, Busta Rhymes, Mick Boogie
Rap Hour Half Freestyle Hour
I Can't Wake Up - Krs One
Rushing Elephants - Wu Tang
All I Know - DJ Jazzy Jeff & CL Smooth
So Amazing - Termanology
Jeru - How Ill
Rock Cocaine Flow - De La Soul & MF Doom
Casual Drinking - Classified & Tash

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Download J-Zone's latest Gator$ 'n Fur$

"Happy New Year! How the hell are ya?!?! OK now that we got all that cordial shit out the way, it's back to business Chief Chinchilla and myself. We didn't wanna start 2008 out on a serious note, but sometimes things don't go as planned. This special mixshow is for all of our "friends" at Dunkin Donuts...oops I mean Police Headquarters...that abuse their power day after day and will continue to do so because there's not much we can do about it. Dedicated to Elanor Bumpers, Sean Bell, Patrick Dorismond, Amadou Diallo, Abner Louima and all of us who've been on the receiving end of police brutality. For all crooked cops...welcome to Cop Hell...where the cost of a glazed donut is high and a badge aint nuthin but a funny shaped pin-button. Yeah and to those cops that made it routine to fuck with me and beat my ass in high school, I didn't forget y'all. Officer Brennan you punk ass rent-a-cop you ain't shit." ~ J-Zone

1. Intro- Stopped On the Way to White Castle
2. Rick James - 'Mr. Policeman'
3. Cypress Hill - 'Pigs'
4. 2 Pac - 'Violent'
5. Double XX Posse - 'The Headcracker'
6. Brokin English Klik - 'Who's Da Gangsta?'
7. Too $hort - 'I Want To Be Free (Edit)'
8. Main Source - 'A Friendly Game Of Baseball (Remix)'
9. Herb McGruff & Godfather Don - 'East & Police (1994 Demo)'
10. 2 Black 2 Strong & The MMG - 'Ice Man Cometh'
11. Eddie Harris - 'Turbulence (Talk Break)'
12. Ray Parker Jr., J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla - Those Suckers (PSA/Parody)
13. KRS-One - 'Sound Of The Police (Intro)'
14. King Tee - 'Black Togetha Again'
15. Mobb Deep - 'Cop Hell (Edit)'
16. J-Dilla - 'Fuck The Police'
17. Juice With Soul - 'Body Armor'
18. WC & The MAAD Circle - 'Behind Closed Doors'
19. Hard Knocks - 'A Dirty Cop Named Harry'
20. Kool & The Gang - 'Who's Gonna Take The Weight?'
21. Public Enemy - 'Louder Than A Bomb'
22. The Pharcyde - 'Officer'
23. Public Enemy - 'Anti-Nigger Machine (Remix)'
24. Average White Band - 'TLC (Talk Break)'
25. Ice Cube - Gimme Dat Brew (St. Ides Commercial)
26. Roasted Pork (Cartoon/Skit)
27. Sir Mix-A-Lot - 'One Time's Got No Case'
28. 415 - 'Court In The Street'
29. LL Cool J - 'Illegal Search Remix/Original (Medley)'
30. Paris - 'Warning'
31. Kam - 'Watts Riot'
32. Threat & Ice Cube - 'You Can Get The Fist (Edit)'
33. Tim Dog - 'Bronx Nigga (Edit)'
34. J-Zone - 'Raid (Talk Break)'
35. Body Count (feat. Ice-T) - 'Cop Killer'

Download it!: J-Zone - 'Gator$ -N -Fur$: A Monthly Mixshow (January Gator: Cop Hell)' - (1/1/2008)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Do you remember cratedigging?

Madlib - Slim's Return

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Stevie Wonder drum solo

Have you seen this video? Stevie hasn't. (rimshot)

Friday, January 04, 2008


Doggstar presents their Off The Hook Radio Show Contest
-Win a DoggStar collar and leash set ($250.00 value)
-Send us a pic of you, your dog and a fan-sign with "" and "Off The Hook CKUT 90.3FM" clearly written on it (your face need not be featured, if anonymity is an issue)...or feel free to get creative; just make sure to plug DoggStar and Off The Hook...
-Best photo gets the free collar and leash set.
-We'll give out t-shirts to some of the runners-up.
-Send photos to offthehook13(at) before Wednesday, January 16th, 2008.

Check out Paul 107's book 'Bully' for more info on Doggstar, you can read it online at; Sekond Hand Projects

Dec 27 - Top 25 of 2007

25 boot camp - my world
24 take it back - wu tang clan
23 come on baby - Saigon
22 gun blast - el da sensei
21 hanger 18 - think big
20 rhythmicru/supertoke 2 - "this is the underground"
19 stop, look, listen - static selecter
18 88 - the cool kids
17 think twice /manchilde – people wanna know
16 your dayz R numbered - NYGz
15 sean p - p-body
14 joell ortiz - hip hop
13 uncle sam goddamn - brother ali
12 tether - blue rum 13
11 penzo & dialect - addiction
10 uncle raheem - consequence
9 necro
8 common - the people
7 harder - malicious
6 skyzoo - click
5 brass - narcy
4 KRS ONE & marley marl - hip-hop lives
3 play it - big shug
2 Nas ft. kanye west, rakim & krs one - classic
1 its so amazing - termanology

honorable mentions;

success - jay z & nas
we need order - arab summit