Sunday, October 28, 2007

Playlists? Wazzat?

The future van of rappers?

"My name is Dennis and I like bears."

Friday, October 19, 2007

Human LCD Display in Korea

Playlists; oct 18

Fat boys are back - Fatt boys N.Y. - Jeru

talk talk

sirens - Little brother

Feel like spitin - j live

never - scareface

record kingz - heat

tal talk

im like u - u-rock (mtl)

suviving the times - Nas

boston to buck town - special teams

bk on my mind - 9th wonder

rap hour half hour hour

poets coming - blaq poet

makes the sun come out - atmosphre

chunky - ghostface

gently weeps - wu tang

express yourself - statik selector

MAsk and the assasian - Dj Muggs


oct 11th

DOC & the doctor - DOC

Mash's revenge - MF Doom

talk talk

till i retire - Pete Rock

Gently weeps - Wu Tang (NEW)

You aint nobody - keith murray

truth is - brother Ali

talk talk

chunky - GhostFace

your dayz R # - NYGz

surviving the times - NAS

Uncle rahim - Consequence

keep on clucking - thirstein howl the 3rd

Rap hour half hour hour

We gonna Ill - Blaq Poet

fall Back - Poison Pen

Tramp - BluePrint

Peyote - Atmosphere

Cause im Jazzy - Guru

Non Shall Pass - Aesop Rock

Mr SLow FLow - Evidence

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where're the playlists?

Beats me. Watch this instead.

But only for a couple of minutes, it gets old after a while.