Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nov.27 '08

It's the end of November, the snow has started falling, it's the way it goes, things go in cycles. The Off The Hook crew ate at Milsa's, a Brazilian BBQ 'all you can eat' joint, we're all meatified up after stuffing ourselves on 10 kinds of meat.

This year we'll be broadcasting on Christmas eve, it's all about us and baby Jesus ...yah.

Next week we'll be broadcasting from Jupiter Room, come check us/it out. Budda ran down a Zulu NAtion show that happened in town last week. MC Breed passed away this week, he did that song "No Future in Yo' Frontin'.

In studio, we had Northern Lights promoting a show that's coming up, Smif & Wessun will be playing at Club Lambi along with NL5 and Magnum 357
And we also had Tek Luciano , click his name to check his Myspace page.

The phones were broken so we had no callers during the freestyles, boo.



No Future in Yo' Frontin' - MC Breed
Politrikks - Dead Prez
Family Portrait - Tec
Trees - Side-C
Radio - KRS One & Eneeone
Therapy - Alchemist
Say Goodnight - Reks
In The Shade - Tek Luciano
Mikey Rocks - The Cool Kids
Cappuccino - The Knux
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Penzo Gritty Stem - Penzo Gritty Stem
DWI - Northern Lights and Brooklyn Acadamy
Counter Attack - Braille
Black Friday - Bun B
Language Barriers - Brooklyn Barriers
The Argument - Capone 'n Noreaga
WMD - Heltah Skeltah

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Live From Jupiter Room (Dec Edition)

Yes Yes Y'all

Here's The Flyer For December , Hope To See You There.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This week is the CKUT funding drive show, go to for details, we're pushing for a new phone that'll allow us to put 2 callers on the air at the same time, pledge, get a CD as a gift and get entered into a draw for various prizes.

We had guests in studio talking about an upcoming show;

Playlist time.

Slow Down - Brand Nubian
Disturbed - Blame One
Like This - D-Sisive
Step Bacc - People Under The Stairs
I Do It For Hip-Hop - Ludacris
I'm Having A Relapse - Eminem
Arab Money - Narcicyst
The Matrix - Black Milk
Motown 25 - Elzhi ft.Royce 5'9
Grow Up - Bishop Lamont
Misery's Company - Stylords
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Money On The Ave Street - Reks
Monolith - Jedi Mind Tricks
Do You - El Da Sensei
Magic Hour - AZ
World War 4 - Saigon
Of The Same Air - Pumpkinhead

Monday, November 17, 2008


Here's a video from an Eric B & Rakim performance in Montreal. Can't figure out what club it's at. 

Credit goes to The Meaning of Dope for the video.
Apparently he was always rapping over vocal tracks. When I saw him last June in NYC, he definitely dropped that aspect, thankfully.

epilogue; Looking at the ceiling during the video made me think that it may have been at another spot, Chang informed me tonight that as a youth he was present at the show, it went down at James Lyng high school, I was there a year before attending a Public Enemy show.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nov.13 '08

We talked about last week's show from Jupiter Room. New Year's Eve is falling on a Wednesday, we don't know what'll be going with us. We talked about U.S. politics for some reason.
Budda and I booed Sirius/XM, they were two companies with equally good programming, I went with XM and Budda went with Sirius, I turned on my XM today to find that one of the two channels that I listen to were gone, The Rhyme 65. Further looking showed that some Sirius channels were there, but the old school hip-hop XM channel wasn't even replaced with the Sirius old school Backspin channel and even Sirius just dropped their old school channel, WHERE'S OUR FUCKING OLD SCHOOL HIP-HOP?!?

Playlist time;
How About Some Hardcore - M.O.P.
Arab Money - Narcicyst
All Together Now - Static Selektah
White Van - Alchemist, Evidence & Prodigy
Losing Out - Black Milk
Godflesh - Jedi Mind Tricks
I'm Having a Relapse - Eminem
Riya - Ill Bill
My S.W.A.G. is Up - Stic Man
Goin' Outta Control - Kaboose
Hood Shit - Termanology
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
You Can't Be Me - Diamond D
Guntreal - Penzo Gritty, Logik Johnson
Dot, Dot, Dot - Markit & Jus
Get Busy - The Roots
Cold World - Prodigy
The Payback - Immortal Technique
SWMW - EJ Brule
Props 2 The Soundman - Memo, Annakin Slayd, Eye 2 Eye, 2 Left, The Snowy Owl, Cale Simpson, D-Ray from the Supertoke 3 CD

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Live from Jupiter Room Nov.5th

Last Wednesday we had a good night broadcasting from Jupiter Room. Royal Peasants and Northern Lights pulled off good sets. We were busy with that so we didn't get a chance to check out Ill Bill who was playing at Foufs.

The coat rack guy
OTH Nov. 5 2008
Greeting people on the street
OTH Nov. 5 2008
Royal Peasants
OTH Nov. 5 2008
OTH Nov. 5 2008
Northern Lights/NL5
OTH Nov. 5 2008
OTH Nov. 5 2008
OTH Nov. 5 2008

OTH Nov. 5 2008
Cypher session or heated debate, you pick.
OTH Nov. 5 2008

Here's a link to download or listen to the whole show; from zshare

Monday, November 03, 2008


I'm not trying to turn this into a porn blog or anything but 20 years ago, many guys were staring at and soaking in Darlene on the cover and back cover of Ice-T's Power LP. That damn cassette cover was too small for my taste, the rich folks had the CD and the lucky assed DJs had the the vinyl. Anyways, commemorating the 20 year anniversary of the album that thrust Ice-T to the wider listening public, King magazine got Darlene, who looks way better than Ice-T's current squeeze Coco, and recreated her portion of the cover, she's now 41.

I've still got my tape;

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Notorius trailer

Here's a trailer for the forth coming Christopher Wallace/Biggie Smalls biopic Notorious, being released by Fox Searchlight, it's supposed to be out late January '09.