Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 30 '09


We talked about the Smif n' Wessun/Black Moon show.
We also spoke to Annakin Slayd, who'll be performing on July 30 at le Belmont.
For the freestyles we had Flip The Mic, Holly Dish, Narcycist, Yushua, Logic Johnson and long time caller Conscience sitting in studio.

Hold It Now - Beastie Boys
Monster MCs - Boombap Cats ft/ Logic Johnson & Penzo Gritty Stem
Warriors - Royce 5'9
Criminology pt.2 - Raekwon
Too Many MCs- Beastie Boys ft/ Nas
Stretch Marks & Cigarette - Blaq Poet
Annakin Slayd interview
Dougie Gilmore Chop-Chop - Annakin Slayd
No More Mr.Nice Guy - Narcycist
Represent - Nas
Holy On You - Rakim
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Don Smooth's Black Moon/Smif n' Wessun mix

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Black Moon and Smif n' Wessun

Here're some shots from the Black Moon and Smif n' Wessun show that went down in Montreal on July 25th 2009, at Le Belmont. I guess Evil D won't be doing any one handed handstands while scratching like in the How Many MCs video.

Tek and Steele
Smif n' Wessun

Buckshot, Evil D and Steele
Black Moon

Evil D, Buckshot, Steele and Tek
Black Moon & Smif n' Wessun

Evil D, Steele and Tek
Smif n' Wessun

Evil D, Buckshot, Tek and Steele
Black Moon & Smif n' Wessun


D-Shade & BuddaBlaze
D-Shade w/Budda Blaze

D-Shade & BuddaBlaze
D-Shade w/Budda Blaze

Blu Rum 13

Blu Rum 13

Velvet Trench Vibes and Side C also opened.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 23 '09

DJ Static from CKUT's own award winning, world renowned We Funk sat in to spin after our first talk, he's headed out to B.C. tomorrow and blessed us with his final performance as a resident of Montreal, good luck and don't be a stranger! But please note that he'll still be a part of We Funk thanks to today's technology.

We wrapped up the Ice Cube show and gave away tickets for the upcoming Smif n' Wessun/Black Moon and Souls of Mischief shows, both are going down on Saturday the 25th at separate venues. We spoke to Narcycist and also spoke with Psylangwage, the're playing at Shazamfest this weekend.

It was a packed studio for the freestyle session, we had Logic Johnson, Mehdi Cee, Cracked Lips, Flip the Mike, Psynlangwage and old school booth dogs Narcycist, Yushua.

That's When Ya Lost - Souls of Mischief
Holy Are You - Rakim
Iraqi Prime Time News - Narcycist
DJ Static's Bon Voyage set
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Godfrey Interview
Monster MCs - Boombap Cats

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 16 '09

We've got Ice Cube's Show on July 16 and then we've got Souls of Mischief on July 25th, both going down at Telus Theatre.

Ack Like U Know - Black Moon
Computerus - Artcons
The One - Slaughterhouse
Iraqi Prime Time News - Narcycist
Lyrics Is Back - DJ Spinna
Ice Cube interview
MTL pt.2 Penzo Gritty ft/ D-Shade
D.O.A. MTL mix - Malicious
Rap Hour Freestyle Hour
Don Smooth's Ice Cube mix

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

July 9 '09

Ice Cube will be playing at the Telus Theatre on the 16th of July.
Off The Hook will be hosting the Souls of Mischief show on July 25th, that's part of the AM Getting Paid festivities, that's also going down at the Telus Theatre.
The Tapis Rouge guys are doing a Michael Jackson tribute night, it'll pretty much be a Jackson family tribute night, some Janet, Jermaine, 5, anything that's got Jackson in the artist title it's free

Troy Dunnit and Lotus were in studio, they're playing Saturday July 11th at Salla Rosa, check their site

And here's their Nu Flava video.

Batterram - Toddy Tee
Sounds Like Love - Illa J
Twalky twalk
The One - Slaughterhouse
Harbormasters - Wu-Tang
Freak Off - Funkdoobiest
Stretch Marks and Cigarette Burns
NYC to L.A. - Nutrageous
Ice Cube interview
Lotus and Troy Dunnit interview
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
A Reluctant Affair - Blu Rum 13 & Koobs
Anti Intro - Troy Dunnit & Lotus
Hellafactz - Hellafactz
Certified Hot Boyz - Peter Jackson ft/Treach
Tribe Vibes- Jungle Brothers

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July 2 '09


Budda's heading back to T.O., as can be seen in the previous post. Ice Cube will be playing at the Telus Theatre on St.Denis, just below Ste. Catherine, on July 16, D-Shade and Budda are scheduled to perform. Also at the Telus Theatre but on July 25 will be Souls of Mischief, only $14 in advance.

Summertime - Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Gun Harmonizing - Royce 5'9
P.H.A.T.W.A. - Narcycist
I Never Knew You - Cage
Dangerous MCees - Method Man & Redman
Robot - KRS One & Buckshot
Follow the Leader - Eric B and Rakim
Show's Over - Iame
Ridiculous - JS One ft/ O.C. & Pharoah Monche
Bring It On - Organized Konfusion
Extinction Agenda - Organized Konfusion
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Choose Your Side - La Coka Nostra ft/Bun B
The Superbowl is Over - D-Sisive
Hit That Shit - The Keen One
Chemical Warfare - The Alchemist
Hold Up - Marco Polo & Torae ft/Masta Ace
Make It Big - Theo 3
Hate - Blaq Poet
You Know It - Tona & Live ft/ Skyzoo