Thursday, December 22, 2011

Off The Hook Radio Dec.22 2011

We had CL and BK in Studio, representing Murderface & Artcons respectively, G.I.G.A.N.T.E. conjointly.

Let The Jingle Bells Rock - Sweet Tee
Dead Man's Shoes - Mobb Deep
A.D.H.D. - Kendrick Lamar
The Main Event - J57 ft. Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino & Rasheed Chappell
Payday 2 - JD Era
Watch The Sky Fall - Koncept
Fresh From The Mall - Bronze Nazareth
Aquafina - Borden 100
Celebration Bitches - Murderface
Word Is Born - Artcons
That Raw - Torae
Can You Dig It - Underground Realroad ft. Holly Dish
Show & A - Showbiz & AG
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour

At the end of the show Borden, Justice, 80 Rock, Loe Pesci and Nick Fury roll through. Check the uStream to see what went down in studio.

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