Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Off The Chainlinks - October 19/20, 2011

October 19/20, 2011

Take it Easy - Mad Lion
Expensive Trips - DJ Shaman

Talkin and stuff wit Rev 'n Budda

Ugly You - Narscizzle
Once more we were you - Anakin + Inspectah Deck
Mook Life - Ceas Rock
Get That - Dee Shade feat. Meryam Saci

Talkin with Dee Shade and Max Cruz

Theater of Dreams - Max Cruz
Chyihi da Prince - Bulletproof

Freestyles with Loe Pesci Dee Shade Borden Rev and Mook Liffffeee

Best of Adam Bomb - Mix Tape 2011

We Audii 5k

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