Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 27 - RIP Mr.Carlin

George Carlin passed away this past week, he tried to make people see that entertainment can be entertaining and offensive and that's OK, so somebody curses, so somebody make an off color joke, so what. Enough with the goody-goody crap. Turn it off if you don't like it!

This week's career is "Weekend at Flava's".... you have to carry him around and put him through the motions and such.


Sally Got a One Track Mind - Diamond D
One More Time - King Reign and Pharoah Monche
Talk and George Carlin bit
Man Like Me - Malicious
Beat 'Em Up - Penzo Gritty
Rock The Spot - Mash Brothers ft. Sean Price
Perfect Timing - C.L. Smooth and Sky Zoo
T.V. Land - Vastaire
Gritty Grimey - Coredata and Penzo
Vital Nerve - Company Flow
Priesthood - Killah Priest
Family Portrait - Tek
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour with Psynlangwage sitting in;
George Carlin bit
Royal Flush - Outkast
Hell's Windstaff - GZA
Investigative Reports - GZA
Shoulda Known - Atmosphere
Regulate The Industry - Boombap Cats

Montreal Producer of the week: Midas

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 17

So we're still trying to acclimate ourselves to the new studio, some things need to be re-wired through the board. We've been going through some drama about doing a RZA phoner, despite the fact that we have been independently contacted to do it, some people are claiming that we are backstabbers, nice.

We talked about Kanye West's primadonna attitude at the Bonnaroo.

We're looking into doing the show once a year from a club, we'll see how that all will work put.

Lil Wayne sold a million albums in a week, OK.

This week's featured beat maker is BK;

Props Over Here - The Beatnuts
Man Like Me - Malicious (Montreal)
Ready - 9th Wonder & Buckshot
Booby Trap - RZA
Heads or Tails - Snow Goons
Necessary Evils - Skyzoo
Royal Flush - Outkast
Nice To Meet You - Shagun (Montreal)
Don't Touch Me - Busta Rhymes
Priesthood - Killah Priest
Walk On By - The Camp
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Labels - GZA
Shadow Boxing - GZA
4th Chamber - GZA
Rock Cocaine Flow - De La Soul
Should've Known - Atmosphere
Locomotive Overthrow - Anakin Slayd (Montreal)

GZA and son;

Monday, June 16, 2008

Stick him in the ass and let the adventure begin, repeatedly.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Summer is here, BBQs, Sundays in the park and all that jazz. Flow ran down his NYC trip, you can check the pics below.

The Ave. - Run DMC
The Payback - Immortal Technique
Liquid Swords - GZA
Nothin' You Say - Snow Goons
A Crying Heart - Killah Priest
Yessir - Kurupt
Be A Nigger Too - Nas
Rising Down - The Roots f/ Mos Def
Small Town USA - Foul Mouth Jerk
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Smash Dub Plates - Orion Revolution
Love - Mc Lyte & KRS One
Living in The World - GZA
Gold - GZA
Cold World - GZA
Addiction - Penzo Gritty
This week's featured beat maker is Maxwell Smart.

Paid Dues

So, last week I(Flow) went to NYC and there just so happened to be this "Paid Dues, Independent Hip-Hop Festival" going on, put together by Murs 3:16, at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square.

The line up ended up like this;
Yak Ballz
Kidz in the Hall
Scratch & Supernatural
Buckshot w/ Tek, Dru Ha & KRS One
Murs 3:16 & 9th Wonder
GZA w/Masta Killa & Mathematics
Rakim w/Kid Capri

I missed Yak Ballz. Kidz in the Hall were meh. Buckshot was very good, KRS came on with him and did South Bronx and The Bridge is Over, then Tek came out and they got into some classic Black Moon & Smif 'n' Wessun songs. Blackalicious was alright, Gift of Gab doing the fast rap thing. GZA was a little lackluster, even though he had 3 hype men and at least 2 guys walking around the stage. My favorite part was Rakim, he put on a good show, backed by Kid Capri. They cut his mic around 12:30, he wanted to keep going but nothing could change the venue's mind. He dropped the mic and jumped into the audience to meet them. Shout out to Olivier who met on the bus heading down who happened to be going to check the show too.

Here's some shots from the show, go to my Flickr page to see more shots;
Kidz in the Hall

9th wonder & Murs 3:16 flash
9th wonder
GZA & Masta Killa
GZA hand
Rakim & Kid Capri

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

June 5th - Welcome To The New Studio

Well, we showed up to the station, not sure if we were in studio B or in the new revamped studio A
 you see we've moved into this beautiful new space, which includes "spider mics" a sarato box set up and 2 Macs with net access. Dope shows and more guest DJs are sure to be on the way. 

producer of the week

"stunts blunts and hiphop" - diamind D
"rising down" - the roots" - mos def
talk talk
"big poppa Remix - notorious BIG 
"sounds of" - Tocha 
"Knee Capps" - D- Sisive
"One more time" King reign & pharoe monch
Talk talk   - FLOW Calls From NYC

"Go All Out" - Buckshot 9th wonder
 "latin Lingo - cypress Hill
"lung collapsing lyrics" boombap cats (mtl)
"role model"  Eminem
"Royal flush" - outkast & raekwon

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