Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oct. 29

We, or should I say I, wrapped up the King of the Dot Montreal edition, Hopefully Loe Pesci will put some vids on his Youtube channel soon. I showed up late and caught the beatbox battle and 4 freestyle battles, 1 was Chuggo vs a caricature of Chancewon.

B-Boy Document - High and Mighty
Tribute To Mr.Magic - Juice Crew
Forever Fresh - Camoye
Appetite For Destruction - Malik MD7 (Birmingham UK)
Go Brooklyn - Idle Warship
Rucktown - Sean P
Pass The Dutchy - Theology 3
For Your Sorrows - Big Boi
Gender Bender - JJ Brown ft. Eternia & Miz Metro
Monster MCs - Boombap Cats
Nu Flava - Lotus & Troy Dunnit
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Kid Kebec took us out for this week

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oct.22 '09

Cosmic Slop - Redman
Bold & Ignorant - Emilio Rojas
Lil Gangsters Fairytale - Malik The UK Rappers Rapper (Birmingham UK)
The Feeling - Buckshot & Sean Price
Gender Bender - JJ Brown ft. Eternia & Miz Metro
50 Bars, Same Pattern - Theology 3
Theology 3 interview
Boogie Nights - Camp Lo
Beats Keep Bumpin' - Magnum 357
Take It To The Streets - JR & PH7
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
DJ Critical Hype spun for the freestyles and took us out for this week.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oct 15

No FLOW This week , hes got jetlag . also had Don Smooth with his BigBoi & Outkast Mix.
BigBoi is in town Sat night @ Club Soda


Stunts blunts & HipHop - Diamond D
Giant by design - A.G
Talk Talk
Lightah - /singapore kane
Walk these streets - Rakim Maino
Lights Go Down - Kahlee
Hood Love - Royce 59
Talk Talk
forever & after - MOP
Theology 3 - Make it big
Be prepared - Akrobatik
wingman - eye2eye
Monster mcs - boombapcats
Don smooths outkast big boi mix

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Oct 8 th

Oct 8 

Did the show solo tonight , Rev's in QC City & FLOW Went To the UK. 

DJ Jermz & Shashu Came and spun the Freestyles and from 130 - 2AM

and Hindu Kush Came by to talk up the KOTD Montreal Battle 

GhostFace - assaination Day
A&E - Little Young
talk talk
BigBoi & Too Short & george Clinton - for your sorrows
Royce & Busta Dinner Time
Muneshine - fairwell
OKCobra - I Quit I Give up
Talk talk ( OKCobra Interview)
GhostFace - Guest House
Lotus Troy Dunnit - Nu Flava
Wingman - Eye2Eye
6 was 9  - Karma A
Re evolution & BK - Glow Skulls
Freestyles  (DJ Shashu on the 1 n 2s , all his beats)

DJ Shashu & DJ Jermz Guest Set