Thursday, April 24, 2008

Apr 10th - Vulva & Pat Hakeem

April 10

Wheels of Steel - Outkast

Made it Through - DL Incognito


Triumph - Wu-Tang

Make Room - Alkaholiks

Shrooms - Xzibit

Criminal Minded 2008 - KRS-One

Talk Talk - vulva Interview / Pat Hakeem

Guntreal - Penzo - Dialect

Starsky interview

S.O.S - Blaq Poet

Megasoid d shade Track

rapp hour half hour

Days of our lives - skhool yard

locomotive overthrow - Anakin slayd

jazz records boombap cats

Hiphop's Revenge - FBI

If it aint ruff - NWA

crooklyn Dogers - crooklyn dogera

luchini - camp lo

Apr 24th - Habs Riots Review show

Apr 24

Michee Me - On This Mic (CanCon)

dont touch me - Busta Rhymes

talk talk

High Rolla - Prolific (cancon)

walk on by - The champ

25 feels like 93 - Anakin Slayd

75 bars - The Roots

criminal Minded 2008 - KRS One

talk talk

Counter Attack - Braille

shoulda known - atmosphere

Rat Bastard - Pete Nice & Daddy Rich

Rapp hour half hour hour

Jazz Records - Boom Bap Cats (cancon)

Locomtive overthrow - Anikin slayd (cancon)

Royal Flush - O

utkast - raekwon

make it thorugh - DL Incognito (cancon)

go all out - bucj shot & 9th wonder

play it - Big Shug

Come on baby - saigon

trouble shooters/holdin it down - funkdoobiest

be prepared - akrobatik

Intro - Dshade /megasoid (cancon)

Apr 17 - Cadence Weapon Interview

Apr 17th

Get it together - Beastie Boys

The necesseary evils - SkyZoo

talk talk

royal flush - outKast Raekwon

Pressure - HD (prod DJ Manifest - MTL)

S.O.S - Blacq

Real Estate - Cadence Weapon

Talk talk (cadence weapon interview ) Cancon

75 Bars - The roots

Criminal Minded 2008 - KRS One

Rapp hour half hour hour

This is - Illa Brown (cancon)

shoudl have known - apmosphire

Megasiod mixtape intro - DShade

the IV - Brile

Go all out - 9th wonder - Buckshot

The music industry remix - termonology

driving down the block - kidz in the hall

so good - skillz & common

caribou lou - Tech n9ne

hiphop nation - channal live

feel it - scanz

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Vote For "Best Of Montreal"

Well The weather is getting warmer and as always things are abrew in Montreal. Once agian The Montreal Mirror

Has the Best Of Montreal Poll In effect. So join inn and vote for your fav Montrealers

vote for the 19th Annual
Best of Montreal

Rules: One entry per reader. You must fill out at least 25 categories for your entry to count and to be eligible for prizes.
• Deadline for entries is midnight, Friday, April 25, 2008.
• Results will appear in the May 15 issue of the Mirror.

Here're a few things we are affiliated with

Best Radio Host

DJ BuddaBlaze / FLOW / Orion

Best Radio Show

Off The Hook Radio (

BEST Radio Station



DJ BuddaBlaze ( )


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Apr 3rd set list

apr 3rd

8 ball remix - NWA

royal flush - outkast raekwon

talk talk

survival of the fittest - mc lyte

75 bars - the roots

criminal minded 2008 - KRS One

talk talk

put ya stamp on it - akrobatik - talib

proffessonial style - AZ

Where Da Gz - Dizzy Rascal - UGK

Jerk It - Thunderhiest - Megasoid remix (mtl)

rock cocaine flow - dela soul MF Doom

jazz records - Boom Bap Cats

Rapp hour half hour hour

Calm Down - MOP

take it back - Skillz

All Female HipHop Mixx

MTL Priducer Of The Week
Dialect -