Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Nov.4 2010

We had Johnny Illdigger of Boombap Cats, BK One of Artcons, CL of Murderface and Spook One of himself sitting in.
Then during the freestyles, Loe Pesci and Sam Osa of Hindu Kush and Narcicyst walked in.
We also had E-Blaze in studio, he's still pumping out beats and he's got a new project about to hit; there'll be a record store opening up on Mont Royal, between St.Denis and Drolet. When I say record store, I mean record store, as in those black, 12 inch, round things, the store is called Goldmine.

360 Degrees - Grand Puba
Khalifa - Mr.Bits
I Wish - Yela Wolf & Raekwon
Detroit Summer - Invincible & Waajeed
P.O.W. - Spook One & BK
Million Dollar Charm - Rico Blox
Welcome - Black Milk
Murderface - Murderface
Health Care - Narcicyst
Yaught Club - OG Hindu Kush
Articulate Conceptions - Artcons
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Deeper - Boss
Sittin' On Chrome - Masta Ace
Do you Believe - Beatnuts
Ice Cream - Raekwon
Brooklyn Hard Rock - Thirstin Howl III
New Jack Hustler - Ice-T
Deep Cover - Dr.Dre & Snoop Dogg

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