Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of '09 show

We did our last show of '09, it was a mix of some older stuff, Revolution took the first half hour, plying 90's stuff. Flow took the second half hour playing a 'new' theme, song titles and groups featuring the word 'new' on a 'new year' tip. Revo spun the freestyles and Flow finished up the show playing 'old', strictly old school vinyl from before 1984.

My Philosophy - Boogie Down Productions
2009 Rap Up - Skillz
You Never Knew - Hieroglyphics
Words & Verbs - Maseo
this Is What You Get - Ambivalence ft. Buckshot
Imagine Me - Moka Only
Mind, Soul, Body - Square One
New Generation - the Classical 2
Sobb Story (rmx) - Leaders of the New School
New Jack Hustler - Ice -t
Somethin' Spankin' New - Downtown Science
Good Newz Comin' - Jungle Brothers
New Year's Resolution - Lootpack
Jam On It - Newcleus
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
I'll Face Any Man - Re-Evolution
Magic's Wand - Whodini (for Mr.Magic who passed this year)
Dream Machine - Mean Machine (for Roc Raida, who passed too, his father was in this group)
Spanglish - Spanish Fly and the terrible two
Rockin' It - Fearless Four
A.M. P.M. - Dr.Jeckyll & Mr.Hyde
Starski Live at the Fever - Love Bug Starski
Action - treacherous 3

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