Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dec. 3 2009

We had DJ Mana in studio, he's pushing a show going on Thursday, tomorrow December 3rd, at Le Belmont, 4483 St.Laurent

We also had Chuggo in, pushing his latest timely, seasonal tracks, Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells and Sketchy the Blow Man and a free show on Dec. 5th at Les Trois Minots 3812 St.Laurent.

Here's a video building up to his recent non-battle with Chance Won.

The battle vid will be up on the KOTD Youtube channel on December 23rd

Along with Chuggo, Black Panther sat in, he's currently working with Kurious and Nine, along with his Myspace, check his site

Speaking of Kurious and Nine makes you want to hear their hits right? OK, here you go;

Wack MCs - Del
Hard Wired - Network Reps
Gender Bender - J.J. Brown
Beats Keep Bumpin - Magnum 357
Pass The Dutchy - Theology 3
Brand New Bein' - Sadat X
For The City - Statik Selectah
DJ Mana, Chuggo & DJ Black Panther interviews
Untitled - Kurious ft/Mighty Buddha
Wing Man - Eye 2 Eye
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour guest hosted by Gamma Krush via telephone
Underground - Necro
Repertoire - QNC
Get Dirty - Ghetto Dwellas
Ign'ant - Al Shid
Born Wit It - Strick
Theme - Beyond There
Show On The Road - Main Flow
Gimme My Dat Back - Obie Trice

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