Wednesday, July 08, 2009

July 9 '09

Ice Cube will be playing at the Telus Theatre on the 16th of July.
Off The Hook will be hosting the Souls of Mischief show on July 25th, that's part of the AM Getting Paid festivities, that's also going down at the Telus Theatre.
The Tapis Rouge guys are doing a Michael Jackson tribute night, it'll pretty much be a Jackson family tribute night, some Janet, Jermaine, 5, anything that's got Jackson in the artist title it's free

Troy Dunnit and Lotus were in studio, they're playing Saturday July 11th at Salla Rosa, check their site

And here's their Nu Flava video.

Batterram - Toddy Tee
Sounds Like Love - Illa J
Twalky twalk
The One - Slaughterhouse
Harbormasters - Wu-Tang
Freak Off - Funkdoobiest
Stretch Marks and Cigarette Burns
NYC to L.A. - Nutrageous
Ice Cube interview
Lotus and Troy Dunnit interview
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
A Reluctant Affair - Blu Rum 13 & Koobs
Anti Intro - Troy Dunnit & Lotus
Hellafactz - Hellafactz
Certified Hot Boyz - Peter Jackson ft/Treach
Tribe Vibes- Jungle Brothers

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