Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 23 '09

DJ Static from CKUT's own award winning, world renowned We Funk sat in to spin after our first talk, he's headed out to B.C. tomorrow and blessed us with his final performance as a resident of Montreal, good luck and don't be a stranger! But please note that he'll still be a part of We Funk thanks to today's technology.

We wrapped up the Ice Cube show and gave away tickets for the upcoming Smif n' Wessun/Black Moon and Souls of Mischief shows, both are going down on Saturday the 25th at separate venues. We spoke to Narcycist and also spoke with Psylangwage, the're playing at Shazamfest this weekend.

It was a packed studio for the freestyle session, we had Logic Johnson, Mehdi Cee, Cracked Lips, Flip the Mike, Psynlangwage and old school booth dogs Narcycist, Yushua.

That's When Ya Lost - Souls of Mischief
Holy Are You - Rakim
Iraqi Prime Time News - Narcycist
DJ Static's Bon Voyage set
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Godfrey Interview
Monster MCs - Boombap Cats

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Anonymous said...

Thx for having me by! It was a great send off b4 leaving MTL. Is there a recording of the show posted anywhere (other than CKUT archives)?

DJ Static