Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nov.27 '08

It's the end of November, the snow has started falling, it's the way it goes, things go in cycles. The Off The Hook crew ate at Milsa's, a Brazilian BBQ 'all you can eat' joint, we're all meatified up after stuffing ourselves on 10 kinds of meat.

This year we'll be broadcasting on Christmas eve, it's all about us and baby Jesus ...yah.

Next week we'll be broadcasting from Jupiter Room, come check us/it out. Budda ran down a Zulu NAtion show that happened in town last week. MC Breed passed away this week, he did that song "No Future in Yo' Frontin'.

In studio, we had Northern Lights promoting a show that's coming up, Smif & Wessun will be playing at Club Lambi along with NL5 and Magnum 357
And we also had Tek Luciano , click his name to check his Myspace page.

The phones were broken so we had no callers during the freestyles, boo.



No Future in Yo' Frontin' - MC Breed
Politrikks - Dead Prez
Family Portrait - Tec
Trees - Side-C
Radio - KRS One & Eneeone
Therapy - Alchemist
Say Goodnight - Reks
In The Shade - Tek Luciano
Mikey Rocks - The Cool Kids
Cappuccino - The Knux
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Penzo Gritty Stem - Penzo Gritty Stem
DWI - Northern Lights and Brooklyn Acadamy
Counter Attack - Braille
Black Friday - Bun B
Language Barriers - Brooklyn Barriers
The Argument - Capone 'n Noreaga
WMD - Heltah Skeltah

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