Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nov.13 '08

We talked about last week's show from Jupiter Room. New Year's Eve is falling on a Wednesday, we don't know what'll be going with us. We talked about U.S. politics for some reason.
Budda and I booed Sirius/XM, they were two companies with equally good programming, I went with XM and Budda went with Sirius, I turned on my XM today to find that one of the two channels that I listen to were gone, The Rhyme 65. Further looking showed that some Sirius channels were there, but the old school hip-hop XM channel wasn't even replaced with the Sirius old school Backspin channel and even Sirius just dropped their old school channel, WHERE'S OUR FUCKING OLD SCHOOL HIP-HOP?!?

Playlist time;
How About Some Hardcore - M.O.P.
Arab Money - Narcicyst
All Together Now - Static Selektah
White Van - Alchemist, Evidence & Prodigy
Losing Out - Black Milk
Godflesh - Jedi Mind Tricks
I'm Having a Relapse - Eminem
Riya - Ill Bill
My S.W.A.G. is Up - Stic Man
Goin' Outta Control - Kaboose
Hood Shit - Termanology
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
You Can't Be Me - Diamond D
Guntreal - Penzo Gritty, Logik Johnson
Dot, Dot, Dot - Markit & Jus
Get Busy - The Roots
Cold World - Prodigy
The Payback - Immortal Technique
SWMW - EJ Brule
Props 2 The Soundman - Memo, Annakin Slayd, Eye 2 Eye, 2 Left, The Snowy Owl, Cale Simpson, D-Ray from the Supertoke 3 CD

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