Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday,May.24th 2012

Microphone Master- Das EFX

Full Retard-LP ELP

Reagan-Killa Mike ft.

Nightmare on fig street- School Boy Q

Goldie- Asap Rocky

Rigs in Murtah- Reks ft. Action Bronson

Fly Brothers-Gang Green

Spoken Word

I Gotta Get Down-Casuals

What You Heard-Diamond D

Repetoir-Q MC

Love Is Gone-Jaz-O ft.Immobalaire

You Never Know-Hieroglyphics

Super Brooklyn-Coco Brovas

Spoken Word

I Don't Know-Slum Village

The Score- The Fugees

Eyes May Shine-Xzibit

Tyrannicals-Circle of Tyranns

Le Treslsches- Big Pun

The Story- D Shade

Open-Ceas Rock ft. The Narcycist

Pow-Spok one


Lifechanging-Loes ft The Narcycist

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