Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24 2010

We had Red Dredd, Narcicyst, Omar Offendum and Justice (from Northern Lights) in studio and Evil Dee on the phone, who'll be performing at HOHM in MTL on Friday June 25th. Narcicyst will be performing with D-Shade, Omar Offendum, Budda Blaze and others, for free, as part of the Jazz Fest, on Monday June 28th, 10pm. Red Dredd is promoting Questlove at the Balroom Bar on Wednesday June 30th. Justice is doing his thing, battling and what not.

How You Want It - Jungle Brothers
Know The Legend - Grand Agent
Strangers - Reflection Eternal
Massacre Central - Kurupt
Lock It Down - Slum Village
Fired Up - Hezekiah
Evil Dee Interview
Left, Right (Masterbeater rmx) - Northern Lights
Justice, Narcicyst & Omar Offendum interviews
Grey Alien Suits - OG Hindu Kush
Hustle On - Omar Offendum
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Red Dredd set

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