Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Apr 1 2010 (April Fools)

april 1st

Method Man - What The Blood Clot
SideC Ft Loe Pesci - Trees
9thmatic - its on
Shades Of Culture - unbreakable
Marco polo rusty juxx - tske money
the champion - inspectah deck
Sporty thievz - even cheaper
talk talk
Wu Massacre - Madina
Murderface - murderface
Reflection eternal - in this world
VTV - Mone Drugs Guns
Stillz - Mic position
Rev set
Camp Lo - Luchini
Craig G - Droppin' Science
Channel Live - Mad Izm
Channel Live - Reprogram
Eric B and Rakim - I ain't no joke
Public enemy - Black steel in the hour of chaos
High and Mighty - Mind Soul and body

I think we got it all!



No Flow did not Quit the show, APRIL FOOLS you Fools


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