Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oct. 29

We, or should I say I, wrapped up the King of the Dot Montreal edition, Hopefully Loe Pesci will put some vids on his Youtube channel soon. I showed up late and caught the beatbox battle and 4 freestyle battles, 1 was Chuggo vs a caricature of Chancewon.

B-Boy Document - High and Mighty
Tribute To Mr.Magic - Juice Crew
Forever Fresh - Camoye
Appetite For Destruction - Malik MD7 (Birmingham UK)
Go Brooklyn - Idle Warship
Rucktown - Sean P
Pass The Dutchy - Theology 3
For Your Sorrows - Big Boi
Gender Bender - JJ Brown ft. Eternia & Miz Metro
Monster MCs - Boombap Cats
Nu Flava - Lotus & Troy Dunnit
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Kid Kebec took us out for this week

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