Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April 2 2009

We talked about the Big Daddy Kane show, luckily we got there relatively late, which turned out perfect, we didn't have to wait around, no offense to the opening DJs of course. It was a pretty high powered set, all classics, no slow points and the man can still move, did a few routines with Scoob Lover.

We had Seankeez and Dat Dude pass through the studio. And we had Cracked Lips and BK sit in for the freestyles.

Wicked - Ice Cube
??? - Staitik Selektah
Deams - State Your Game
Chinatown Wars - Ghostface Killah
Disturbed - Blame One
Don't Hate Me - Seankeez & Dat Dude
Blow The Horns - M.O.P.
Who's Young Malay? - Young Malay
Big Poppa - CL Smooth & Skyzoo
Sound Bwoy Freestyle - Torae
Get My Papaer - D-Block
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Flow's previously aired/recycled set

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