Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 12

CKUT's website is still down, no archives, sorry!

Well, we talked about the weather and we had an impostor stand-in for the absent Orion. Necro is coming to Montreal at Foufounes Electriques on Monday, our peoples Psynlangwage and Penzo Gritty Stem opening and Budda Blaze will be playing too.
We spoke to the super salesman Brent from Just Entertainment, this guy can sell you a cup of sand in the middle of the Sahara, the consummate promoter.

Death Trap - Gravediggaz
Somebody's Got To Go - Cappadonna
Can't Hide The Truth - Nottz
Exhibit A - Jay Electronica
Who's Young Malay - Young Malay
Wun, Tu, Thr3 - Torae
Addiction - Penzo Gritty Stem
S.O.S. - Blaq Poet
DWI - Northern Lights & Brooklyn Acadamy
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
Budda Blaze's Necro set
Make It Big - Theo 3
Raise Ya Hands - Brooklyn Acadamy
Man Like Me - Malicious

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Ya sorry guys...No one called me but then my alarms did nothing...Meaning I didn't even fuckin' hear them...Ah well all is looking up and I will be back in full swing by Spring!!!