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Jan 29 2008


We're all on on that Twitter thing check our.... ugh... 'tweets' Off the Twit

We had Simahlak on the phone, he talked about a radio show he did last Tuesday from 3-5 pm, you can go to the ckut archives to listen to it, he's also promoting his monthly night, Gumbo, this Friday he's got P-Thugg of Chromeo and ?uestlove of The Roots, it'll be at Coda 4119 St.Lawrence blvd. Also, in studio we had Underground Realroad, they're promoting themselves of course as well as an upcoming show at Le Social 1445 Bishop, they'll be playing with Malicious, Cause and Jonathan Emile, that's going down on Feb. 7th. Show promoter J.J. rolled through with the Underground Realroad folks.

Here's a first for us, check the ad for the show;

And Sim's ting-ting;

Playlist time;

I Get Wrecked - Tim Dog
Make It Big - Theology III
That talking part
Fear of Mandingo - Nas
Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos - Public Enemy
Pushin' Buddens - Saigon
Maybe - Underground Realroad
Talking ...again
Let It Go - Underground Realroad
Losing Out - Black Milk
Like This - Dsisive
Living Proof - Group Home
Put Ya Stamp On It - Akrobatik
Rap Hour Half Hour Freestyle Hour
A set by Simahlak

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