Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oct 2008, live from the cluuuuuub

This week we did our monthly broadcast from Jupiter Room, 3874 St.Laurent, it was a hot one.

After realizing that the Velvet Trench Vibes' CD was practically cracked in half, they had to go off some instrumentals provided by Budda Blaze.
D-Shade followed up, with Leesa Mackey backing him up.

Shout out to everybody who came out, including Psynlangwage, Loe Pesci, Royal Peasants, Northern Lights, Eternia, DJ Devious, KC LMNOP and thanks to Maysr & Penzo Gritty Stem for calling in from Cuba.

Talking to people on the street, I was trying to hold the door open to make sure the wireless mics (thanks Moog) were coming out right, so I didn't get a chance to get a shot with the crowd off to the right.

Velvet Trench Vibes;

Some guy, D-Shade and Leesa Mackey;

Revolution & KC LMNOP;

KC LMNOP & D-Shade;

Group shot;

Deuce in the back and Justice up front.
Northern Lights/NL5

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