Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big things coming

So Under Pressure is coming up soon here in Montreal which means all sorts of crap'll be going down. We start with Budda Blaze and Orion hosting a vernissage at the Yves Laroche Gallery, a sorta kinda graffiti art gallery... meh.  But this is for a good cause, raising money for the Montreal Children's Hospital, we do it for the kids, ya'know! Anyways, there'll be a silent auction, free drinks plus O & BB will be providing 80's beats, of the auditory kind, although we won't be shy in doling other kinds if we have to.

Come and hang out before we rock the live radio show from Jupiter Room later that night(more details to follow). The gallery is located in the heart of Old Montreal at 4 St.Paul e., at the corner of St.Laurent.

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This was a great start to a great Under Pressure weekend :)

We were dope!!!